• It begins

    with discipline

    One of our grandchildren (age 8), spending the weekend with us, made reference to her bad behavior: how she whines a lot.

    We assured her that she is not bad at all and that she never whines.

    “Oh, I don’t whine at granddaddy and grandmother’s house,” she replied, “it’s not allowed, but I do whine at home.”

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly they learn what is expected and what is not?

  • When the first Earth Day was celebrated 39 years ago on April 22, it was mostly an occasion for school children to learn a little more about growing things. Today, it’s more about making sure we have a place that will sustain growing things.

    Our oceans are over-fished, our land is over-used, and our earth is over-populated. Global warming may drastically change the way we live, and, indeed, even be able to live, if some forecasts come true.

  • With the current economic angst, the future is held in abeyance.

    It’s as if we’re being held hostage to the present without the ability to see over the horizon.

    There is talk about the future and it’s coming from surprising quarters. 

    It’s talk that embraces the prospects of war, only the source is not the Pentagon or the White House. It’s coming from those concerned with a ‘green’ revolution, the environmentalists.

  • There were a whole bunch of April fools in the AIG bonuses explosion.

    Citizens were fooled, because we aren’t told ten percent of what is going on in Washington. The only things transparent in Washington are secrecy and tomfoolery.

  • Want to find out how the stimulus dollars might affect you? If you are computer-savvy, you can find answers with the click of your mouse.

    Clicking on to the Web site, FlaRecovery.com, will enable you to see how state government is using the federal funds coming Florida’s way from the economic stimulus packages.

    Those dollars represent the hefty sum of $13.4 billion over the next three years. Some of the first of that money will be used in projects designed to keep Florida’s workforce working. 

  • An international Monetary Fund report said that America was headed in the direction of joining the underclass, leftist governments and inflation-plagued counties in the next year or two.

    We should ask ourselves; do we have sound governance or poor governance?  Sadly, examples of the latter seem to be proliferating.

  • Most Americans, rich and poor alike, have an unexplained fear of Socialism and link it to Communism.

    If Americans don’t like Socialism, that’s their business.

    If they don’t understand it, that’s their business too.

    But we all know what unbridled capitalism can lead to, don’t we?

    Behold the economic downturn and credit crunch we are all witnessing. Socialism is very well understood in Europe and among the most socialist of countries is, of course, Sweden. You never hear people screeching “those pinko Swedes.”

  • ‘Nothing is pork

    to a bureaucrat’

    Where to begin? I have read your editorial. With all due respect: Do I get a rebuttal?

    First: I am a pork-watcher. Second: Nothing is pork to a bureaucrat. No bureaucrat will ever just say “no” to any money. It is not his money he is spending.

    Why don’t taxpayers have the right to say where their money should be spent? That is the reason taxpayers are so upset. From a taxpayer’s perspective: this is pork.

  • Stimulus package

    for seniors

    After 30 years as a financial counselor, I am convinced the physical and mental health of most seniors is a direct result of their financial health.

  • I stopped lying about my age and started bragging about it.

  • Clock is ticking

    for America

    President Obama and his financial advisory team, the Treasury Department, the FDIC and the Federal Reserve, recently conceived a plan for the government to join with private investors and create a fund to buy up an estimated $1 to $2 trillion in defaulted mortgages and derivatives from these mortgages that banks own but are unable to collect on or sall.

  • Take time to hear state

    band and solo competitions

    I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to come out and enjoy the Florida Bandmasters Association State Solo and Ensembles to be held at West Port High School in Ocala March 30 through April 1.

  • Can you imagine what the Corridor would look like if every single business turned purple for a day? And if every single customer were wearing some color of purple?

    Purple billboards, purple signs, purple balloons.

    Employees could wear purple shoes, ties, shirts or dresses.

    Purple bows could adorn the heads of little girls.

    And don’t you think that life would be a little better for at least that day with spirits high and the community joined in a common purpose?

  • It seems that wherever you turn these days the news is bad. We are at a unique moment in history. We find ourselves in the middle of two wars and an economic crisis. The decisions we make in the coming days, weeks and months will shape our nation for generations to come.

    We must break out of the division that our people seem to be in. Have we truly lost our way? Our economy, once celebrated as a guarantor of freedom and prosperity, now seems corrupted by greed, materialism and uncertainty.

  • In the early days of The Great Depression, Congress passed a number of pieces of regulatory legislation to put a leash on the financial industries, particularly the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. The primary purposes were to separate traditional banking from investment banking and to control speculation.

    The Stock Market Crash of 1929 collapsed a long orgy of speculation. Our current crash of just about everything will replace the Great Depression as the new textbook on total speculative bust – stocks, banks, financial services, brokerages, and insurance companies.

  • ­There are those who are embittered still by what happened to Al Gore during the aftermath of the 2000 election and the unwarranted interference by SCOTUS.

    There are others who aren’t too pleased with Mr. Blackwell of Ohio — they seem to feel that the mess we see stretching so far ahead that it fades from view, started in 2000 and worsened in 2004.

  • Among the many oft-quoted writers and philosophers,  two politicians’ quotes are most frequently used: Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill.

    On May 24, 2006, Diana Irey, a Republican candidate who ran against Rep. John Murtha, said at a news conference that Murtha’s comments and actions “are not that of a patriot but serve to aid and comfort our enemy.”

  • In a Ponzi scheme, high rates of fictional income are paid to participants from money being received from new customers. As the pyramid gets bigger, the schemer has to hustle twice as fast to keep up payouts and maintain an appearance of being a successful investor.

    Charles Ponzi was an Italian immigrant and lifetime con man whose name has been used to characterize pyramid frauds since the 1920s. Ponzi served prison time in Canada, New England, Georgia, and Florida, but managed to keep on running like the Energizer Bunny. 

  • We have a water crisis. And an economic crisis. And an unemployment crisis. And now, sad to say, we have another problem to face: the scam crisis. Make that plural. There are many scams out there.

    In addition to the Madoffs and the Ponzis and the fly-by-nights that drive through neighborhoods paving driveways and repairing roofs with inferior materials, our local officials are bringing to our attention newer scams that could affect many in our community.

  • As more Americans lose their jobs and the overall economy gets worse by the day, you hear over and over, please don’t stimulate us anymore we can’t afford it! Our government is continuing to follow the pattern of the past number of years where our nation spent for things it couldn’t afford with money we didn’t have.