• After the huge tax cuts for the wealthy by Reagan, they became much richer while most workers lost income. The so-called filter-down and ‘voodoo economics’ along with huge deficits added more to the national debt than all previous presidents combined. It created a false economy, which Bush Junior revived, in order to outdo his hero, once again creating more national debt than all previous presidents combined, and enriching the wealthy with even larger tax cuts.

  • Some wag observed recently that the way we’re running the federal budget, in a few years all we’ll be able to afford is a nation of senior citizens on Social Security, protected by the best army and navy in history. Not funny.

    President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act (SS) in 1935. The program required payment of one cent per dollar up to a maximum contribution of $30 each for employee and employer. The first benefit recipient started to receive a monthly check of $22.54 in 1940.

  • Not the way

    to fix the budget

    I read in the paper recently that the State of Florida’s budget reveals a broken system in establishing their expenditures for the year. The way that the Florida State legislature is trying to fix our budget shortfall is like a doctor arriving at a train wreck with a single bandage.

  • Republicans went from riding high in 2000 to walking home from the 2008 election with holes in their souls. They can’t blame the economy for their misfortunes. They had the power and they made the mess.

    Project GOP renewal is under way on several fronts. The Republican National Committee (RNC) appointed former Maryland Lieutenant Governor and TV tough guy Michael Steele, to be its new chairperson.

  • If swimming is slimming, why are whales fat?

  • President Obama inherited failures that were monumental. The blood of thousands of our men and women was shed for lies and geld. The President has some of the best minds at work to get us out of the trillions of dollars in debt that the seven-year war in Iraq has cost; a country invaded on a lie. Polite words for torture do not fool anyone. The lawyers, who gave their opinion on (rendition?) that ‘enhanced interrogation’ was legal, should be disbarred. Hopefully we have moved on from the fear-mongering ditto-heads of the past and are trying to mend the mistakes that were made.

  • It’s time to take action. The official start of the 2009 hurricane season was Monday, June 1 and it will be with us through Nov. 30. If you’ve been around a while, you know hurricane season used to expire in October. That was bumped up to mid-November and finally the end of month.

    So it’s a long siege, and will seem like a long time to keep that extra food, water and battery supply on hand. But a few precautions now can help eliminate or at least reduce worrying and those frantic last-minute trips to the store.

  • Some of you will remember, in earlier times, when something exciting or important occurred, the newspapers would put out an “extra” edition and paper boys would stand on the corner and holler “extra, extra, read all about it.”

  • A grand jury report on the hiring of Marion County Administrator Lee Niblock by Marion County commissioners makes it clear our elected officials and county staff should conduct business of the county in an open forum.

    The eight-page report, released by the grand jury, indicates they were unable to find any actual communication between commissioners about hiring Niblock to the county’s top job. No charges of criminal conduct are coming. What the grand jury found, though, was the intent of the Sunshine Law had been ignored.

  • Washington thrives on creating confusion. The Bush and Obama Administrations have thought closing the Guantanamo Detention Camp (Gitmo) a good idea, but neither offered a compelling reason.

    Gitmo became necessary because none of our European allies wanted to take a bunch of bad guys, even at our expense. Their self-serving attitude hasn’t changed since World War II, when we had to bring more than 430,000 POWs to the U.S. because our European allies wouldn’t take them then. either. 

  • A divided nation

    Many of our leaders throughout history have told us that as a nation, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

    There is no doubt we are a seriously divided nation. How did we get in this deplorable state?

  • What do you call a political party that’s out of touch, doesn’t know it, has no leaders and wants to take the bat and ball and go home if you don’t play their game?

    The Party of Lincoln is immersed in its own Civil War. The Republicans have been whining so much on so many issues that people have stopped listening. It’s the same old story over and over again.

  • Over the years, Americans have had reasons to believe, and rightly so, that the federal Constitution is the cornerstone of our system of government.  It has been the final arbiter of law questions.  As such, it divides the federal government and the states and with this power it places various limitations on what each of the state governments can do.

  • Who should we support? 

  • In some circles, patriotism has become a synonym for arrogant or jingoistic. Some people even use it as a political weapon: “Don’t question my patriotism,” they say. Yet, this Memorial Day, and every other day for that matter, we should remember that those who died for this country are the true patriots.

  • Excuse me!                            

  • For reasons they would prefer not to discuss, politicians and bureaucrats become addicted to failed ideas. The so-called “war on drugs” is an example of political obsession – clinging to a bad idea, no matter how long it fails.

    We do not mean to denigrate the efforts and sacrifices of those who have served valiantly in the trenches. They are fighting a problem that continues to get worse and has no conceivable end. 

  • You’ve got to love the inventive gall of Tallahassee’s privileged political class. Following a series of embarrassing scandals involving lobbyist gifts to state legislators, the Florida Legislature passed a sweeping gift ban in 2005 prohibiting state legislators, as well as the governor and other state officials, from accepting anything of value from lobbyists. Gone were the all-expense-paid trips, martini luncheons, dinner parties, personal gifts and other freebies.

    So the public was led to believe.

  • A challenge to

    free speech

    “Disagreeing with reasons to love Israel” Is a noble article by Janis Lentz. I am glad she exercised her free speech and did not remain silent. However, it would be interesting to know, if she knows that her free speech, might be being monitored? Also, in the very near future expressing such thoughts as this could be considered committing a crime.

  • The Boston Tea Party of 1773 was a key event leading up to the independence of the thirteen British colonies in America. It wasn’t fun and games with posters and pops. The Boston Tea Party participants put their lives and livelihoods at risk.

    Dressed as natives, the Boston gang dumped a cargo of tea into the harbor rather than allow the appointed British governor to bring it ashore to be taxed and sold. The colonists were waging a dangerous, running battle of refusal to be taxed, because they had no voice in local government.