• There are no rights in the Constitution for food, shelter, clothing, education, health care, cars, boats, planes, furs, jewelry, or snicker doodles.

    The right to: “The pursuit of happiness” is the only one in The Declaration of Independence.

    However, this presumes that there will be a fair playing field.

    That is the missing ingredient, thanks to our government playing favorites. A level playing field is essential, so that all CAN pursue happiness.

    There are several kinds of slavery. One is slavery of the purse.

  • Unasked for advice - Never, ever vote for anyone who constantly reminds you that they routinely commune with God. This is the Golden Rule. They are either misguided, crazy and or are possessed of egos so huge there is literally no end to them, nor room for common sense.

  • I find the person, who finds herself, "appalled and dismayed" over Mr. Beckner's columns interesting.

    She must have read all of the over 2,000 pages of the "new" Health Care bill. Thank God someone has.

    She must also hold distain for the men and women of the U.S. military, despite the fact that she walks freely and enjoys the freedom to criticize someone with a view other than her own due to their courage.

  • Let’s fix the problem of unemployment.

    Sipping my coffee on a cool, crisp morning, I read an article regarding offshore tax evaders settling with the IRS. The IRS commissioner, Doug Shulman, said, “To put it simply, this is a historic milestone for the nation’s hardworking taxpayers.”

  • I have always felt there was something to be gained by telling our Congressmen what we wanted them to do. I have been wrong.

  • When this first started getting popular about this a few years ago, we thought it was such a great idea and it would catch on all over.

    Yet today, we find a lot of people haven’t heard about it, so we’re going to try again to push it.

    You need to put some ICE in your cell phone.

    No, we don’t mean you have to freeze it. I mean in your contact list, you need to take that one person closest to you, and put the word “ice” after his or her name.

    In this case, ICE stands for “in case of emergency.”

  • Where do you start. We’ve got Tiger Woods, Charlie Weis, Bobby Bowden, the Florida-Alabama game. Whew!

    Of course, it all starts with Tiger. Quite a few years ago there was a debate on one of the talk shows, I believe it was Pardon the Interruption, about an NBA player who decided he didn’t feel like playing a game and sat it out. They accused him of depriving the fans who paid to see him the chance to enjoy his playing ability.

  • This citizen has a burning question about the health care bill making its way through Congress. If the Congressional men and women wonder why there is so much opposition to their plan, here may be one reason.

    The plan is heralded to be good for all us citizens, but the state and federal employees will keep their current plan with dental coverage and other perks that are absent from the “good for all citizens” plan. Why?

  • If Charles Dickens were alive for the coming Christmas season, he would have Marley’s Ghost remind us of inflation past, present, and yet to come.

    During the administration of President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) we experienced rising prices, high unemployment, an oil shortage, and rocketing interest rates. We became less interested in the consumer price index and more concerned with the “misery index,” a combination of the inflation rate and the unemployment rate. Inflation jumped to 13.5 percent. Unemployment was 7 percent.

  • The Nov. 20 edition of the Citizen carried a theme which was palpable. You could assemble the letters to the editor along with Mr. Beckner’s column and find conjunction. The awakening has occurred, still it is not where it needs to be for real change, meaning the reacquisition of rights as originally fought for and won by the patriots of the American Revolution, the founders, and more significantly the people. Today it often appears that we have been dumbed down by the politicians and media. We are distracted and entertained, not empowered as before.

  • Last week we carried a story about safety on Thanksgiving with regard to fires. Then, just a day after our paper hit the streets, came a terrible story of a woman and her four children killed in a mobile home fire.

    The blaze happened as the father was away on a hunting trip.

    At this writing, we do not know what caused the fire. All we know is that five people are dead, a tragedy for the community, which is north of State Road 40 and west of 100th Avenue.

  • Many readers have lived through quite a few elections and it appears that the neo-Republican strategy is never to apologize; never to feel regret for all of the corruption, misguided policies and everything else they’ve done to diminish this country and the quality of life of the middle class that constitutes the majority. Never has it been heard “We’re sorry for what we’ve done.” And they’ve done a lot; not in a constructive, coalition building way but to further special interests and to cater to their districts and those who fill their war chests.

  • Can you imagine:

    No IRS and 16th Amendment?

    No filing individual income tax forms?

    No Social Security, Medicare taxes, etc.?

    No withholding taxes for employees?

    Paying taxes on just retail sales without retail prices increasing?

    Bringing offshore businesses back into the U.S. economy?

    There’s more.

  • Marion County Fire Rescue did a great job at our shopping center a few weeks ago. A fire broke out in one of the shops, and it was kept from spreading, which it could easily have done, through the roof.

    We were out of our office for a while because of it, but it was a “no harm, no foul” situation, since we were able to get away with no damage.

  • The Democrats were successful in getting their Obama care bill passed, in the middle of Saturday night, causing everyone to think it was a hard fought battle, because it passed by only five votes. Give them credit they know how to count their needed votes in advance, pulling the wool over all the so-called experts eyes. They simply destroyed the myth of the moderate democrat in getting the bill passed as they did, proving there never was such a Democrat.

  • In the Nov. 13 edition of the Citizen’s Letters to the Editor, you ran a letter titled “Understanding the Public Option.” In this letter, the gentleman seems to be convinced that the objection to the public option is only a Republican one, when, in fact, this objection is shared by 86 percent of all Americans, according to major polls. The government plan is not a partisan issue because it affects the lives of all Americans, regardless of party affiliation.

  • Next Thursday is one of the days of the year when we have to reflect on what we have, instead of what we don’t.

    Too often we look at what we want, instead of realizing that, for the most part, we have a lot.

    The main thing we have is a freedom that many people in the world can’t even comprehend. We generally have the right to be ourselves, to decide what we want to do, how and when we want to do it, and who we can ask to help us or be with us, going wherever we want to go.

  • Do the math. If we take a mean of 30 million (from estimates of 12 to 40 million) uninsured, and break it into families, one husband, one wife, one child, we have 10 million families.

    If we take just the $500 billion savings from medicare, or the $500 billion in new taxes, we come up with a figure of $50,000 insurance premium per family. A little pricey, don’t you think?

  • Sometimes you just have to acknowledge certain things, so it is with great reluctance that I admit I’m caught up in the Sarah Palin soap opera.

    The former vice presidential candidate has been making the rounds to promote her new book, and so far I’ve seen her on various morning shows and on Oprah Winfrey, which means there must have been a blue moon, because that’s how often I watch Oprah.

  • How about a break from politics, backbiting, backstabbing, bowdlerized banality, lies, mendacity and blame like bread thickly laden with treacle? Health care for the masses? Can’t talk about that – it’s communism! That is unless Congress is covered for a pittance and then it’s business as usual. Public Option? Horrors! Do the detractors know that it is NOT paid for by the taxpayers – it’s paid by the subscribers, as is any health care plan?