• Well, we’ve seen and heard from the candidates for governor and senator. At least we’ve seen and heard who can bash each other the most. But, where is the substance? Nowhere! Let me say right here, that I’m not part of any political party or movement, I’m just a concerned citizen.

  • On a “softball” interview before he was elected, Obama was asked how people could come to know who and what he is. He answered that we could find that out by recognizing who he surrounds himself with.

    Fiar enough: progressive socialists, avowed Marxists, self-proclaimed communists, ex-bomb throwers, ex-felons and tax cheats.

    If you're not a blind Bush hater, you might want to think about this.

    Nov. 2 is a last chance to save our republic and our personal freedoms. It's our liberty, I choose it or lose it. It's either America USA or America DOA.

  • We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Wendy and her staff at Animal Control services here in Marion County.

    This organizations takes in many different kinds of animals in hope that each animal will find a loving home. However, this staff and organization faces many challenges, which include more than 700 animals at one time on less than two acres of land.

  • An open letter to Wendy Binnie:

    I read your article regarding the man in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama. You feel he was unfairly maligned by the person you call the Soap Man.

    Now talking about a Soap Box you declare that if you knew more about Obama the more you would come to realize that he’s an all American hero.

    What planet do you live on?

  • One of our family members had a bit of a crisis over the weekend. His daughter, his friend and his friend’s two daughters were in a car that was smashed on the side in Gainesville.

    His description that he wrote on Facebook was quite compelling. It seems that he and his son pulled up to the scene just seconds after it happened.

    The vehicle was struck on the left front. The driver’s door and window were smashed, and the driver suffered an injured leg and some cuts and bruises, but was otherwise OK.

    The three girls were fine and walked away.

  • Inflation is the measure of the monthly rate of change in the prices of the goods and services we buy in our economy. The Federal Reserve calculates and publishes this data. The Consumer Price Index, (CPI) is the average monthly costs of what we pay for these goods and services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates and publishes this data. The CPI values are based on a 1982 value of $100.

  • Although I seldom read Wendy Binnie's column, the title of her column on Friday, July 16, caught my eye:”Obama neither socialist or Muslim.”

    Where does she get her information? His personal records are sealed, and people all over our country know the true facts.

    Right above her column title it says: “People First, Not Government.” That is exactly what the Tea Parties are trying to do. They do not want the same government as other countries. If some people do not like our proven form of government, they should return to their own country or move.

  • Do politicians not realize that what voting citizens want to hear is the platform they are running on and what steps they propose to take to make it work? This is the type of information that I choose to use when deciding for whom to vote.

    I am so tired and disgusted with the constant “character bashing” that goes on in political campaigns. It makes me not want to vote all all. I know that is not an option if I am going to be a good citizen. So please, candidates, send us the right message.

    Mary Sanders

    Del Webb Stone Creek

  • When the odds for a political election victory are determined, those who can raise the most money for their campaigns are usually favored.

    We should not be so naïve as to believe that those who make large contributions are making them out of the goodness of their heart and that payment on their investment is secondary.

  • How utterly refreshing to read Paul Gibson’s article “Constant negativity needs replacement” on July 16.

    To see our world situation from a compassionate viewpoint, we must foster cooperation rather than confrontation.

    May be learn from his wise commentary.

    There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.

    The Buddha said, “A generous heart, kind speech and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.

    Ingrid Crane



  • Freedom library needs more space? Money is tight? The Corridor area needs more library?

    Well Ocala is over run with empty buildings that have plenty of space and ready made parking lots.

    How about the empty Porter’s or other buildings in the Friendship shopping center on SR 200.

    Or the two newly emptied Publix stores. The one in Steeplechase Plaza on SR 200 or the one on U.S. 27.

    I am sure the people on that side of town would also love a library close to home.

  • The deadline is near for voters to make sure they are registered to vote in the Aug. 24 primary.

    With July 24 falling on a weekend, residents have until July 26 to either register to vote or change parties.

    Florida, remember, is a closed primary state. That means only Republicans can vote for Republicans and only Democrats can vote for Democrats.

    But everyone can vote in the non-partisan races, which include the race for circuit judge and the School Board elections.

  • We all know that half the people on unemployment aren't looking, because there are no check and balances. Suggestion: each state set up a website for local business to advertise job openings.

    Meanwhile, all unemployed people must establish a resume with the state. Job matches with in this search select best suited candidates. State workers then set up interviews for these corporations. All corporations hiring from this website would be offered half what unemployment pays to the unemployed. (at $350. a week = $19,600 then take 1/2 apprx $9800.00 for the year).

  • Thank goodness you finally printed an article such as “Constant negativity needs replacement.” Much more needs to be published regarding positives along with solutions to our current problems. I, as well as others, have stopped reading Robert Beckner’s and D.L.’s articles.

  • Recently, the Tea Party tried to reach every church in Marion County, and ask that pastors remind their parishioners to vote.

    A reader became quite perturbed. A rather strong protest was printed in the paper.

    Since then a couple of stories have emerged to highlight the notion, that even religious people have the right to their opinions, and to vote, and to appeal to God. Deliver us from evil. Amen.

    “The Pastor with Guts” has made the E-mail circuit. Minister Joe Wright addressed the opening of the Kansas Senate with a blistering prayer. A must see.

  • When we talk about preventing scams, there is one segment of the community that usually doesn’t receive any publicity.

    It’s the bank teller or store clerk that gives an elderly person a bunch of money or enables them to wire thousands of dollars in cash overseas.

    Some might feel that it’s an intrusion on privacy, but we would urge all cashiers and tellers to politely ask questions when someone elderly suddenly withdraws a large amount of cash, or shows up at a store’s customer service counter with that cash to wire overseas.

  • There are many similarities between independent fishermen who work on the Gulf of Mexico to provide a way of life for their families and American factory workers who provided goods and services to the world.

  • I have debated with myself for some time as to whether to write a letter to the editor, but the ongoing negative tone of many of the articles in the South Marion Citizen have caused me to at least make you aware of another point of view that is important in these challenging times.

  • You don't have to go to sea for 45 years as I did to know that territorial waters no longer extend out to three nautical miles from a nation’s shoreline. You just have to read more.

  • It was some time back that I received an e-mail from someplace in Europe, telling me that I had just won the lottery.

    Naturally, I was overjoyed. Maybe my wife and I could coast a little.

    Of course, the euphoria lasted only a couple of seconds. I said to myself, “Wait a minute. I don't remember entering any lottery.” Of course, I hadn't, and of course, it was from someone wanting money to process my “claim.”

    Scam rule No. 1: You can't win a lottery that you don't enter.