• I can’t remember a time when a current election means more than this one,therefore it is your responsibility to vote Tuesday for the candidates of your choice. These primaries are extremely important because they give us the men and women who will represent the respective parties in November. We must be able to decipher who best represents our own personal values, including who will have the best chance to ultimately win in the general election. Unfortunately, a lot of the campaigns have been so negative they have turned many citizens off to the point they may not even vote.

  • There are a whole bunch of candidates out there who are waiting to see what you do next Tuesday.

    Across the state, voters will cast ballots in the primary election, in some cases choosing party candidates to be on the ballot in November, but in others making the final choice of who gets elected.

    The School Board race is vital, because this is the chance to elect your candidate. This is a non-partisan race, so it doesn’t go to the November ballot.

  • Every ancestor who came to America was discriminated against.

    If Rick Scott had been around when our ancestors came to America they would have been arrested and deported.

    I feel sorry for potential Americans who will never have the chance you and I had.

    Alan Gold



  • Early voting for the primary started this week. It is now possible for you to go to certain sites and cast your ballot early.

    I’ve never liked that idea, and I’ll still resist it and wait until election day to go to the polls.

    There are a couple of reasons why I don’t like early voting:

  • Last week we published a story about undercover deputies being attacked by a couple of panhandlers.

    One of the things that stood out on the report was the fact that the suspects told the deputies, who were not easily identifiable, that they’d have to wait their turn because the panhandlers, on State Road 200 near County Road 484, were on a 20-minute rotation.

    A 20-minute rotation? Wait their turn? What is this, the Ocala Union of Panhandlers, Inc.?

  • In the Aug. 6 edition of the Citizen, Wendy Binnie closes her article with a quote from Bertrand Russell, the British philosopher whom she described as an essayist and social critic and who wrote across a broad range of subjects, etc. The quote was his definition of Conservatism as "The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate."

  • There was a time when a double dip was two scoops of drippy ice cream on a sugar cone.

    At the moment double-dip means a backward slide of the nation’s production of goods and services after a short period of growth - in other words a recession followed by a recession. It happened in 1937, a recession within the Great Depression (1929-1941).

  • Over the past few years, our 12 major stock exchanges have become interconnected by a dedicated high speed computer network that permits the rapid trade of securities between buyers and sellers. Large computers at the exchanges permit a large volume of stocks, bonds and other securities to be traded every day. Brokerage houses are the traditional agents for both the buyers and sellers and all transactions are conducted in a regulated, closely monitored system.

  • A pair of recent traffic fatalities in Marion County has put the spotlight on something that we don’t normally consider a road hazard – wheelchairs.

    Two men in wheelchairs were killed in July as they attempted to cross busy highways.

    On July 19, Doyle McClendon, 73, died when he was struck in his motorized chair as he attempted to cross U.S. Highway 27 near Foxwood.

    On July 29, Bryan Sacks of Summerfield was killed in his manual chair when he was struck on busy, but dark, U.S. Highway 441 in the southern part of the county.

  • Congratulations to L. Emmons, Ed Noe, Bill Farthing and Charles Piazza

    for your thoughtful editorials last week. When you write with common sense and

    an obvious love for our country, it shows the “far left” up for who they are and gives

    them challenges they simply can’t answer without revealing their radical agenda for

  • Sometimes there are stories on a national level that should be studied locally. One such case was a report on the sports television network, ESPN, on Tuesday.

    The network did a story on the condition of food at Major League ballparks. Some of it centered on Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays.

    The story pointed out all the major violations at concession stands at various stadiums. It was enough to make sure you go to your next baseball game with a full stomach.

  • A reply to L. Emmons:

    It is extremely unlikely a congress person or senator would permit a Socialist or Muslim or noncitizen to occupy the presidency. Please call your congressman for the facts.

    He is Clifford Stearns at 351-8777.

    You should question the source of your information. I would.

    Alan Gold



  • Marking my first anniversary at the South Marion Citizen, I learned this past weekend that there are still things to discover in this area.

    Last Saturday there was a political forum at the West Port High School auditorium. This was my first trip to this facility (I’ve been to sporting events at the school before) and I was stunned to see the auditorium.

  • Well, we’ve seen and heard from the candidates for governor and senator. At least we’ve seen and heard who can bash each other the most. But, where is the substance? Nowhere! Let me say right here, that I’m not part of any political party or movement, I’m just a concerned citizen.

  • On a “softball” interview before he was elected, Obama was asked how people could come to know who and what he is. He answered that we could find that out by recognizing who he surrounds himself with.

    Fiar enough: progressive socialists, avowed Marxists, self-proclaimed communists, ex-bomb throwers, ex-felons and tax cheats.

    If you're not a blind Bush hater, you might want to think about this.

    Nov. 2 is a last chance to save our republic and our personal freedoms. It's our liberty, I choose it or lose it. It's either America USA or America DOA.

  • We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Wendy and her staff at Animal Control services here in Marion County.

    This organizations takes in many different kinds of animals in hope that each animal will find a loving home. However, this staff and organization faces many challenges, which include more than 700 animals at one time on less than two acres of land.

  • An open letter to Wendy Binnie:

    I read your article regarding the man in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama. You feel he was unfairly maligned by the person you call the Soap Man.

    Now talking about a Soap Box you declare that if you knew more about Obama the more you would come to realize that he’s an all American hero.

    What planet do you live on?

  • One of our family members had a bit of a crisis over the weekend. His daughter, his friend and his friend’s two daughters were in a car that was smashed on the side in Gainesville.

    His description that he wrote on Facebook was quite compelling. It seems that he and his son pulled up to the scene just seconds after it happened.

    The vehicle was struck on the left front. The driver’s door and window were smashed, and the driver suffered an injured leg and some cuts and bruises, but was otherwise OK.

    The three girls were fine and walked away.

  • Inflation is the measure of the monthly rate of change in the prices of the goods and services we buy in our economy. The Federal Reserve calculates and publishes this data. The Consumer Price Index, (CPI) is the average monthly costs of what we pay for these goods and services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates and publishes this data. The CPI values are based on a 1982 value of $100.

  • Although I seldom read Wendy Binnie's column, the title of her column on Friday, July 16, caught my eye:”Obama neither socialist or Muslim.”

    Where does she get her information? His personal records are sealed, and people all over our country know the true facts.

    Right above her column title it says: “People First, Not Government.” That is exactly what the Tea Parties are trying to do. They do not want the same government as other countries. If some people do not like our proven form of government, they should return to their own country or move.