• Cross at green, not in between

    There used to be a public service commercial on television, many years ago, which urged people to “cross at the green, not in between.” It referred, of course, to an anti-jaywalking campaign.

    That’s what we need in this area.

    I almost hit a couple of people the other day. It was semi-dark early in the morning, and I was headed west on Silver Springs Boulevard approaching the downtown area. To the left of me was a big tank truck.

  • Who are we? Which of these groups do you identify with as being the ones who love their country? If you do nothing else, look at some pictures taken both during and after these rallies and see which one is extremely radical. Our President supported the latter, and this should tell you just how he views America. He admittedly paid no attention to 8/28. Despite being a much larger crowd, there was NO trash left behind to be cleaned up at taxpayers’ expense by the former, just look at the mess left by the latter.

  • Yes to Amendment 4. No to lies!

    At last, there’s something the Tea Party, progressives, and others can agree on. It’s a first step in restoring democracy to this state. It’s called Amendment Four (A4).

    But Florida’s Big Sprawl Industry wants us to think otherwise. Why not? They now control state and local government. Why would they want to surrender power to—of all people—regular citizens?

  • Mistrust of local and state government is the message in referenda 4, 5, and 6 on the November ballot.

    If passed, referendum 4 would permit a community vote on objectionable changes to comprehensive land use plans. Local governments brought this on themselves by treating comprehensive plans like temporary menus that can be changed whenever they no longer suit the appetites of developers. Referendum 4 is not a great idea, but sometimes it becomes necessary to hit the donkey with a 2x4 to get its attention.

  • Liberals blast conservatives for saying “no” to government programs that are designed to transform our nation. I wonder how they ever disciplined their children, attempting to teach them right from wrong if they were afraid to say no when they were doing something that was wrong.

    Don’t play with fire, you may get burned! Don’t spend money you do not have! Don’t take things that do not belong to you! Don’t have someone else do your homework! Don’t talk on the phone or text while driving!

  • Thank you Lord. Thank you for the party of “no.”

    The wheelbarrow I purchased to take all the super inflated money to the grocery to purchase a loaf of bread, is thankfully still in the corner gathering cobwebs.

    If the party of “no” fails to regain control of this nation, I shudder to think of the consequences.

    With investments paying less than 2 percent now, what will happen in six years when the party of “yes” prints even more Monopoly money?

    Perhaps, we will be paying banks 2 percent, or more to take our money.

  • Let’s look at a proposal of a rock quarry by Counts Construction in Irvine, Marion County. Two hundred to 300 people from the area came out to protest this. The commissioner for this district excluded himself from the final vote. Was this so he did not have to listen to citizens’ interest or was it for petroleum interests with the construction company? The proposal was passed and went to Tallahassee.

  • Modern technology is wonderful, except when it scares the heck out of you.

    This week I was filling in at our Williston newspaper, my former home paper, in between getting the South Marion Citizen material put together.

    That meant extra traveling. My car is only nine months old, so I wasn't worried about driving between the two offices, providing I could avoid the West Port High and Williston Elementary school zones.

  • The tragedy of breast cancer goes far beyond the thousands of lives it affects and ends every year.

    What makes the diagnosis of the disease especially heartbreaking is the fact that breast cancer is treatable.

    With that in mind, a lot of people are turning to pink to remind everyone that this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • To All informed citizens: Vote “no” on Constitutional Amendment # 4. This amendment is better known as ‘Hometown Democracy’. The name sounds warm and cozy, like something you’d probably be quite comfortable with in your town, right? Well it’s neither! The reading of this amendment is misleading to say the least. The plan has been tried in St. Pete and has been a complete disaster. It has resulted in lawsuits, mounting legal bills for taxpayers and a complete a standstill on development! Why? You ask.

  • Talk about a double standard.

    Citizens and churches are not permitted to criticize the follies of government, but the president can insist that citizens and churches exhort and laud the follies of bad government legislation? Are we to be our own executioners?

    Yesterday the president told churches to talk it up for his notorious health care bill, a bill despised by the overwhelming majority of Americans. What gives with this guy? Does he not “get” anything?

  • This column is being written Tuesday evening, with little time to digest the news that came from the county a couple of hours earlier, that Sheriff Ed Dean was proposing putting Marion County Fire Rescue under the Sheriff’s Office, instead of having the fire chief report to the county administrator.

    Little definitive reaction was available from county officials, and that’s good. This is something that needs to be studied for a long time before thoughts of implementation ever take hold.

  • United Way of Marion County has officially kicked off its 2010-11 campaign with fanfare and kickoff party at the downtown square and inside area stores with “flash mobs.”

    Coming with the kickoff is a gulp of realism as this year’s campaign continues to face an unsteady local economy; the loss of some pretty big contributing businesses from past campaigns.

    Yet there is a contagious spirit of optimism that always seems to revitalize that determination that caring for one another is never an impossible goal.

  • Most of us, despite our political differences, have some sense of responsibility when it comes to government programs that make a mockery of money management by approving projects that are a total waste of our tax dollars. We expect our tax dollars to be spent on worthwhile programs. These politicians, regardless of party, who have no regard to their duty to make the most of our tax dollars, need to be exposed and voted out of office.

  • The News Media has already determined who will win the next national and state elections this November. Polls are being taken on every issue facing America today and it looks very bad for the incumbent Democrats.

  • Freshmen Congresmen can’t make a difference, except …

    I worked for the 92nd Congress as Communications Director for Congressman Delbert Latta, (R) Ohio. When I went to him he had already served 22 years in the House and was one of the most respected men in the House. He made a difference. He was on the House Judiciary Committee when Nixon was in office. Strangely, it was felt Nixon had his re-election locked up.

  • Perhaps our most precious resource in our lifetime is our children and grandchildren. Many of you undoubtedly transport younger children from place to place, and nationally, officials worry that not all grandparents are up to speed on what’s required for child safety.

    This week is National Child Passenger Safety Week, and you should learn all you can do to keep your most precious cargo safe.

  • We wonder whether Tea Partiers have seen this one: According to the 2011 Federal Career Guide “The Federal Government was established by the Constitution to provide services to the public… to improve the lives of the United States population, as well as people around the world.”

    The founding fathers would be surprised to learn they created a limited government whose mission is to make all our dreams come true and save the world at the same time.

  • Sometimes emotions run very high when we consider the people who run our favorite sports teams. One sudden change of fortune can result in a turnaround about how people feel about a certain individual.

    It applies to all sports. As a Mets fan, I’m embroiled in discussions about how to fix the problem of losing, with a new GM, a new manager, some new players, etc. It gets pretty heated at times in the online chat rooms.

  • September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month. There are about 70,000 Americans who have this condition, which occurs in one of every 500 African American births making it one of the most common genetic diseases in the U.S. It affects the oxygen-carrying red blood cells and may trigger painful and life-threatening situations, including crisis. The most common treatment for patients, both during crisis and as a preventive step, is blood transfusion. For some patients, blood transfusions are needed every month.