• It’s become apparent that Korea is “The Forgotten War.” The other day on TV I heard the commentator lament that World War I and World War II were fought and had the values of a more resilient and understandable people. With that I agree. But, if one will recall, many of the “Warriors” who fought in World War II were also called up to fight in the Korean War. There were two who were called up who served in the print shop. By the way their jobs were not waiting for them after the war.

  • Thank goodness.

    How many times in our lives do we say something like that, but we really don’t grasp the significance of what we are saying. We are being thankful for something or another that has happened, or not happened, or started, or ended.

    But the word “thanks” should have a much deeper meaning, and it should be especially noted at this time of year as we mark the annual Thanksgiving weekend.

  • The post chaplain from VFW Post 4781 (Angela S. Santos Post) is looking to send personal Christmas/holiday cards to all Ocala active/Reserve duty service members serving overseas for the holidays.

    They need not be current VFW members, but must be currently serving overseas. Active of Reserve status is OK.

    I am going to send them a card from the VFW Post Chaplain to let them know that we have not forgotten them during the holidays.

    This will be at no cost to the VFW (the post chaplain is doing this on his own.)

  • Republicans realized a major victory on Nov. 2. Far-left Liberals - rather than admitting their past errors and expressing a desire to work with the Republicans too correct them - opted to justify their loss with statements like these (these are actual far-left quotes): “American voters are fickle and dumb.” This sentiment once applied only to Republicans. Then too Republicans and Tea Partyers.

  • Dear Congressmen:

    This is a citizens’ agenda for cutting spending.

    Social Security, and Medicare are last on the list.

    Our cut and eliminate list:

    1. IRS: gone. Replaced with Fair Tax.

    2. U.N.: Revoke our membership, and eliminate all agencies that implement U.N. regulations in the U.S. This will rid us of sustainable development, Agenda 21, and a lot of other globalization schemes.

    3. Education Department: Gone. Education: Back to the states where it belongs.

  • Last week at Veterans Memorial Park in Ocala, on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, there was a ceremony to honor those who have served our country.

    It was a proud moment for Marion County. The park was packed with a crowd estimated at about 3,000 people, much larger than most any event ever at the park, and except for the Christmas parade, big football games and Silver Springs concerts, possibly the largest gathering anywhere in the county.

    Of course, part of the crowd was a captive audience with a multitude of school children in attendance.

  • Over and over again, the masses have expressed concern over our country’s direction, but the Obama administration and the Democrats have failed to listen. Despite a record crowd of over 500,000 law-abiding citizens at the Aug. 28 Washington rally, Obama admitted to not paying any attention to them. Despite 70 percent disapproval of “Obama Care,” he and the liberals pushed it through, not even knowing some of the consequences of doing so.

  • This coming Monday is a date that I never let go by without a comment.

    It’s been 47 years since Nov. 22, 1963, that fateful day in Dallas when President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed.

    It’s hard for young people today to understand what it was like not to have security checks at airports, bubble tops on limousines carrying dignitaries, and TV shows with ratings to make sure people aren’t watching something inappropriate.

  • The 2010 election season is over. And while robo-calls during dinner and negative TV ads end, a new political landscape begins.

    Our founding fathers created a political system whereby every two years Americans can express themselves—and on this past Tuesday, voters let out a primal scream.

    In a historic election Republicans took control of the U.S. House of Representatives by gaining more than 60 seats, defeating Democrats across the country, as Democrats barely maintained control of the Senate.

  • Do you remember way back when the Good Supremes were one of the greatest female singing groups of all times. Their stage presence and singing arrangements were a wonder to watch and listen to.

    The Bad Supremes are the group of black-robed elitists who work in Washington, D.C., and give opinions that set the law of the land. The Bad Supremes have recently decided that political donations may be given to candidates in secret from corporations, millionaires, and yes, even foreign countries.

  • Everybody is analyzing last week's election results, and a lot of those people are much more familiar with the candidates, especially on the national level, than I am.

    But the one bit of the election that I did an awful lot of research on ahead of time was the choice of amendments on the Florida ballot.

  • The most prevalent word on my caller ID at home during the past few weeks was “unknown,” as political calls of every ilk invaded my privacy and left me with recordings that made no sense, especially when you only listen to the first six words or so.

    Amid all the other silliness that ended Tuesday with the elections, that’s just one of the most annoying things about politics in this state and nation.

  • This Sunday, the twice-a-year chore that befalls most Americans has to be done.

    The clocks have to be changed.

    By now everyone around here knows it’s “spring forward, fall back.” That means that at 2 a.m. on Sunday (you have permission to do it Saturday night) you turn your clocks back an hour.

    It also means you get an hour’s extra sleep that night, reclaiming the hour you lost last spring.

  • America In total gridlock

    By the time this article comes out, the mid-term elections will be over and maybe we will be way over the hill. If, as predicted, the Republican Party wins as many seats in the House and Senate as projected, this country will slide farther down the world of nations reliability standard.

  • People a lot smarter than me are flooding us with Halloween safety tips. Here are some we’ve picked up off the Internet.

  • Up north, the leaves have changed.

    Out west, there is snow in the higher elevations.

    Football is replacing baseball in the national sports consciousness.

    In Florida, the mornings are crisp and cool and the afternoon temperatures are bearable.

    And on many street corners, people are holding signs and waving at you. That can mean only one thing.

    It’s election time.

  • It seems that no matter what party is in charge in Washington, they’re going to get hammered. In essence, they’ll be accused of about everything that’s not right. For example. Iraq wasn’t right under Bush now Afghanistan isn’t right under Obama. Well, you’re right neither one was/is right.

  • Last Saturday on the downtown square, Rick Scott and other Republican candidates brought the statewide campaign for governor to Marion County. There were some things that stood out, that we feel have to be brought to the attention of the people.

  • Job performance information about Congress and federal bureaucracies is considered top secret, purportedly to spare delicate citizens from unnecessary stress.

    In reality Washington is more concerned about unnecessary embarrassment.

    Despite best efforts to keep voters in the dark, an ongoing parade of scandals and disasters reveal that our politically preoccupied Congress and some elite bureaucracies don’t do the jobs for which they are handsomely paid and pampered.

  • Americans seem to have the shortest memory and attention span when it comes to politics and those that are trying to provide and protect your future. When it comes to elected officials, whether in local or national elections, we seem to close our eyes and our minds to what is happening to our state and our country and who is actually trying to help us.