• Like most everything else, the way we walk changes as we age.  Maybe you have noticed it in yourself or a friend.  You see a slower step, a slight stagger, or a limp, a shuffle or a tilt.  But how do you know what is normal and what is not?

  • By Grandma

    Even today in 2019, a trip to the moon still seems outrageous to most people; however, in 1969, that feat really seemed unreal. Yes, it was unbelievable; but it happened thanks to the vision of President John F. Kennedy and the 400,000 people who worked endless hours to accomplish what seemed totally unbelievable.

  • By Kelley Armstrong

    To survive her early tragedies like the death of her mother in a car crash when Aubrey Finch was just a child and later the suicide of her father, she turns to crimes she has never shared with anyone, not even her attorney husband Paul.

  • Appropriate exercise will not wear out your damaged joints.  In fact, research shows that exercise is one of the best treatments for osteoarthritis (OA).  Regular exercise can improve balance which is often impaired with people with OA.  Without exercise, you will lose muscle strength, and your OA may progress faster.  Unfortunately, half of adults with OA report that they do not participate in any exercise.

    Start with simple, gentle exercises such as:

  • By Bill Koch

    It’s the smirk. You see it frequently in local meetings, from political pundits on television and on self-righteous politicians.

    The verb smirk means to smile in an irritatingly smug, conceited or silly way.

    People who smirk make me smirk.

    The smirk by its very nature is wrong. Watch people who smirk.

    Are they smirking because they’re happy? Not really.

    Are they smirking because they’re full of joy and ready to celebrate? Nope.

  • In our house, thunder has a variety of meanings. Some not as good as others, but that is another story. Either way, I am not a fan of thunder.

    Recently, some heavy thunder visited our area along with rain and lightning. I was beginning to understand how Noah felt during his first night in that Ark. Some of the thunder was so loud it seemed like it was inside our house.

    Thankfully, I lost my heebie-jeebies a long time ago.

  • By Dick Frank

    On July 23 1829, William Burt patented a forerunner of the typewriter. The typewriter as we know it, came into being after further development. Even though the typewriter is now history, there are some interesting stories about those who pounded on the keys.

    In the early days, the girl who operated the typewriter was also called a typewriter. “I say, Tom,” said the young business man to his friend, “Where do you buy your typewriter ribbons?”

  • Ever wonder what tai chi is all about? This ancient Chinese practice has proven to be one of the most powerful ways to improve both your physical and mental health.

  • By Dick Frank

    Today is National Bike to Work Day, right in the middle of National Bike to Work Week. Even if you are retired get out on a bicycle. If you don’t have one you can rent from a bicycle shop on the greenway and enjoy paved and dirt trials away from all the traffic and noise. If you can’t bicycle anymore, just ride down Pun Alley for a little humor.

    Up and down

  • It’s been abnormally hot at the beginning of this month, then continuing with high humidity and daily rain. Not only that, insects have been bugging us. We don’t need the calendar to tell us that summer starts today. Grab a cool one, take a seat and enjoy some hot stories.

    Eye opener

    On a hot summer day a lady was cleaning her house in the nude. When the doorbell rang she went to the door. “Who’s there?” she inquired through the closed door.

  • By Paula Gajewski

    Gracie is celebrating her first birthday. She got a new groomer style this past week. This sweet girl will claim your heart when you meet her. Call Paula 352-300-1072 or send an email spca.marion.county@gmail.com for information.

  • By Bob Garver

  • The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I were dining out at a very nice restaurant. We had been on the road for two days and were weary of travel. At least, I was.

    Nothing I hate more on a vacation than travel. But this time it was not so bad because my wife was doing all the driving. She’s an excellent driver because she had the world’s best teacher. I admit that I was her teacher.

    We were seated and began looking at the menu. Then my wife said, “You don’t take very many things seriously, do you?”

  • Staying healthy in your golden years can be challenging. Those old bones and tired muscles sometimes just don’t seem to want to work the way they used to decades ago.

    But keeping strong and fit is even more important in your later years, especially as those senior “afflictions” seem to come visiting more frequently.

    Seniors are more susceptible to a number of ailments and challenges, including the flu, weight gain, fragile bones, cancer and depression.

  • In today’s fast moving world we often don’t have time to share a joke with our loved ones, despite knowing the fact that it can bring a smile on their faces. Fathers are significant super heroes but we often neglect their efforts in sculpturing our lives. Father’s Day brings a glorious time to reveal your loving feelings towards your dad. Take the opportunity of witnessing that extra curve on your Father’s face with a joke.

  • Today really is June 6, but it is 2019, not 1944. It is 1 p.m. which is what I have set as “H” hour for me personally, so I am already late.

     Those who know me well, know that I am nothing if I am not curious about many things historically. Research has always been my strength; therefore, I have been enlisted to help many people as they worked on projects or papers that required a great deal of research. 

  • The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I arrived home from our vacation late Tuesday afternoon.

    I’m not one for vacations, but this one was special. Our grandson who lives in Ohio was graduating from high school and then this summer he would be heading off to London for some soccer group. He loves soccer.

  • As circumstance would have it, and I like to give circumstances due credit, I was visiting my grandchildren without the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage.

    Normally, if there is such a status, my wife travels with me when we visit the grandchildren. However, when she is along I do not have a chance. I will not say that she hogs the grandchildren, she does, I just will not say so. As a husband, I know when to speak my mind and when to mind my speaking. The inexperienced husband does not know the difference and pays for it.

  • By Bob Garver