• By Dick Frank

    At one time Route 200, just east of I-75, was known as Restaurant Row. Now more and more restaurants are west of the interstate. Just recently several opened at Heath Brook while some east of I-75 have closed. While thinking about what new one to try, feast on some food stories straight from Pun Alley.

    Ham It Up

    In front of new fast-food restaurant a blonde noticed a man holding a sign that read “Free Big Mac!” Strolling over with a look of concern, the blonde asked, “Why? What’d he do?”

  • By Dick Frank

    Fall is coming. Actually a lot of falls have just started and more are coming. Football season has started with college, high school, and exhibition professional games already being played for several weeks. Follow the ball as it gets passed down Pun Alley’s own football field. We make it through the goal posts and sometimes the pun police throw the flag.

  • By Bob Garver

  • Dr. James L. Snyder

    Normally, I’m not a superstitious sort of a person. But then again there is a good case to be made that I am really not normal. If you stop to think about it, (and I have), the average person is a composite of everybody and the description ends up to be that of nobody. That is exactly what I think about being normal.

  • By Bob Garver

  • In August 1859, well drillers said, “Drill for oil? You mean drill into the ground to try and find oil? You’re crazy.” Nonetheless, Edwin Drake completed the first successful U.S. oil well near Titusville, Pa. at a depth of 69 feet. Now our oil wells can be thousands of feet deep and some oil travels half way around the world to get to us.

    You don’t have to go around the world for today’s humor. Just travel down Pun Alley with me.

  • Millions of older adults live with curvature of the spine, yet most do not know they have adult scoliosis.  Your risk for scoliosis obviously does not go away when you become an adult.  According to Dr. R. Douglas Orr at the Cleveland Clinic, “nearly 70% of adults ages 60 and over have evidence of a curved spine on x-ray.”

    Your spine is made of a series of stacked bones called vertebrae.  The bones are connected by joints, and cushioned by shock-absorbing pads called disks that sit in between each vertebra.

  • By Bob Garver

  • The natural and unnatural disasters we hear on the news may leave us feeling tense, sad, anxious or preoccupied. Overexposure to the news can lead to something called vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue. Dr. Emanuel Maidenberg, PhD, clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA, says, “The sheer volume of stressful events can make people feel pessimistic or fearful.”

  • I was having a rather down day recently. You know how it is; you are going along 100 miles an hour and finally you crash. I was experiencing one of those reality crashes.

  • In 1819 identical twins donated land to Millsville for a town square and funds towards a new school, provided the town change its name to Twinsburg. Today marks the beginning of Twins Days, held annually on the first full weekend in August in Twinsburg, Ohio, to celebrate biological twins.

    There are always be a number of funny stories involving twins, sometimes when one identical twin is mistaken for the other. Pun Alley takes a look at some of these stories to celebrate the twins’ holiday.

  • By Grandma

    Hi y’all!  You notice these jokes are called “Granny Jokes” because no one calls me “Granny.”  I’ll let you in on some real jokes about me another time. 

  • Have you noticed lately that you have difficulty climbing stairs, taking long walks and you feel unbalanced on your feet?   Dr. Andrew Weil says these problems maybe symptoms of sarcopenia, the age-related decline in skeletal muscle tissue.  A decrease in muscle can also lead to reductions in strength and endurance and impairment of balance. 

  • By Thomas Harris

    The inventor of Hannibal Lector and author of the “The Silence of the Lambs” is back with a new nightmarish thriller. The villain here is a ruthless, hairless evil genius named Hans-Peter Schneider. In his bathroom is a liquid cremation machine for people who don’t work out well like the current occupant--Karla.  Here is a man who has no compunctions about selling people or their organs depending on demand and the bidding price.

  • By Bob Garver

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are essential because the body needs them to function properly but cannot make them. They must come from food. Omega-3 fatty acids have a role in brain function, growth, and development, inflammation and heart health. According to Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD of Cleveland Clinic, omega-3s are good fats that can have an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Like most everything else, the way we walk changes as we age.  Maybe you have noticed it in yourself or a friend.  You see a slower step, a slight stagger, or a limp, a shuffle or a tilt.  But how do you know what is normal and what is not?

  • By Grandma

    Even today in 2019, a trip to the moon still seems outrageous to most people; however, in 1969, that feat really seemed unreal. Yes, it was unbelievable; but it happened thanks to the vision of President John F. Kennedy and the 400,000 people who worked endless hours to accomplish what seemed totally unbelievable.

  • By Kelley Armstrong

    To survive her early tragedies like the death of her mother in a car crash when Aubrey Finch was just a child and later the suicide of her father, she turns to crimes she has never shared with anyone, not even her attorney husband Paul.

  • Appropriate exercise will not wear out your damaged joints.  In fact, research shows that exercise is one of the best treatments for osteoarthritis (OA).  Regular exercise can improve balance which is often impaired with people with OA.  Without exercise, you will lose muscle strength, and your OA may progress faster.  Unfortunately, half of adults with OA report that they do not participate in any exercise.

    Start with simple, gentle exercises such as: