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  • LPGA tourney was boost for county

    Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, I was working as a sports editor near Port St. Lucie, which at that time was about 200 homes and a golf course.
    There was a women’s golf tournament there, and one of the young ladies didn’t have a place to stay, so one of my writers, who was considerably older than I was, and his wife took her in for the weekend.
    The LPGA has come a long way.

  • Letters to the editor 01-30-2015

    Firemen and EMS plus police officers
    You may not realize it, but they are two different entities, although both are public employees. Yes, public employees.
    Let's address our fantastic firefighters-EMS people first. These men and women are trained to save our property and our lives, and it happens every single day. We pay them less than a car salesman, (how many lives do they save?), janitors, wait staff, trash collectors, etc. and actually just about anyone else. Man, are we cheapskate employers. Blame it on Republicans, and be justified.

  • Keep schools open on MLK holiday

    Several years ago, the Marion County School Board met with veterans officials, and decided that having children in school on Veterans Day, but concentrating on the celebration instead of a regular curriculum, was more beneficial to the students.
    There was even a decision to bus a couple thousand students to Veterans Park for the annual celebration.
    Maybe it’s time to look at that decision as it concerns the Martin Luther King holiday.

  • VA Town Hall wasn't pretty

    Our veterans served their country with dedication and heroism, most of them leaving their families for a long period of time to be stationed in various places around the world, protecting our freedom.

    Now they are supposed to be served by the federal Veterans Administration. I got a glimpse into how things work, or don’t work, earlier this week, and it wasn’t pretty.

    With much hoopla, at least in some places, the VA held one of a series of town meetings in Ocala on Monday.

  • Set to vote for people you don't know

    Quick now, who are Carlos Lopez-Cantera and Annette Taddeo? Don’t know? Doesn’t surprise me.
    They are candidates who are part of possibly the most contentious political race in the country, and yet a large percentage of people have never heard of them.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera is the running mate for Gov. Rick Scott.
    Annette Taddeo is Charlie Crist’s running mate.
    Lopez-Cantera is already the lieutenant governor of Florida. He was appointed earlier this year by Scott.

  • In my family, we're having a gas crisis

    My family is having a gas crisis, and it’s becoming a very serious matter in the household. No, not that kind of gas. It’s all about gasoline and what kind we’re going to put into our vehicles.
    For years, we have had a BP Visa card, the rewards type that gives you a break on future gasoline purchases. No matter what you use the card for, you get credit toward gas, which shows up at the pump where you get an option of whether you want to use it or let it accumulate.

  • Letters to the editor 5-30-2014

    When states’ rights die, America dies

  • Message to the graduates 2014

    This is a yearly column, updated with latest information.
    Next week is big for many young people in Marion County, as they leave high school and move on to the next phase of their lives.
    Graduation ceremonies are scheduled for local public high schools, a landmark day for a few hundred young adults who are ready to venture out into the world.