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  • Baseball shows social media out of control

    Social media is a phenomenon sweeping the country, and has done so for several years. In many ways, it has had a negative effect on people in this country, especially the young.
    Some teen-agers would rather text or tweet their friends, although they may be sitting about 10 feet away. The art of conversation has been lost by many.
    But a more dangerous aspect of social media is that many things on there are posted without verification. That can cause unsubstantiated rumors to take on an air of credibility, even when they are not true.

  • Broadway a big hit at local theatre

    One of the songs in “My Fair Lady” goes, “Every duke and earl and peer is here; everyone who should be here is here.” During the just completed run of the Broadway show, with local talent, we hope that everyone who should have been there was there.
    My wife and I certainly were, our second trip to the Ocala Civic Theatre in a matter of a couple of months.

  • Letters to the editor 05-01-2015

    Freedom and responsibility
    Recently I sat thinking about the changes that have taken place in our culture over the past 50 years. I was reminded of something I wrote as a teacher when I began noticing the change in school classroom discipline: “When people possess self-discipline, there is freedom. When self-discipline is no longer present, government steps in and takes control.” That principle seems to apply from the smallest unit of society, the family, up through our classrooms, our communities, and our country.

  • If nothing else, pass the budget

    The Florida House of Representatives is like the little child who doesn’t get his way on the playground and decides to go home, walking off in a huff.
    The House adjourned with little warning on Tuesday, three days before the scheduled end of the regular March-April session. House leaders criticized the State Senate, saying that leaders there refused to negotiate when it came to the budget, the only thing the Legislature is required to do each year.
    The major stumbling block is the expansion of Medicaid.

  • Passing a 50-year marriage milestone

    Last weekend, I did something I don’t usually get the chance to do … take the entire weekend off. But trust me, I had a good reason.
    It was 50 years ago that I stood at the front of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Tenafly, New Jersey, and watched as my bride Pat, looking great as always, walked up the long aisle in her beautiful white dress, beaming as she and her dad approached.
    And now here we were, asking, “Where have the years gone?”

  • Baseball is back: All is right with the world

    Note: This column originally ran in 2012. It has been updated with information from last week.

  • Hey Chicago! Kids age 13 are no dummies

    For about 30 of my adult years, I have been a youth baseball coach, in various parts of Florida and the country. I have also been a league officials and district official in a couple of different programs. I coached a few all-star teams in that time.
    I gained an awful lot of experience and insight into 9-12-year-old baseball players during those years.

  • Letters to the editor 02-20-2015

    Youth needs info for project
    My name is Marie Talbert and I have chosen your wonderful state of Florida for my state report. I am in fifth grade at Conway School, which is in the farming community of Skagit County in Washington. We are one hour north of Seattle and one hour south of the Canadian border. Our community is known for our tulips and every year we hold the Tulip Festival in April.