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  • And the band played on ... we hope

    When I was a young sportswriter, I used to cover high school football games, and barely noticed the band. They were just something to listen to during halftime while I added up my first-half statistics.
    Then something funny happened. I became a band parent … for 12 straight years.
    No, it wasn’t one child who had trouble getting out of high school. I had three sons, four years apart, who were all band members, so when one graduated, there was another to take his place.

  • Letters to the editor 09-09-2011

    Marriage: What is it?
    What should it be?
    That which we call marriage has been around for as long as man has formed community. According to the American Heritage Dictionary the obsolete definition is “the formal declaration or contract by which act a man and a woman join in wedlock.” The more recent definition is stated as “the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.” This is where the contradiction occurs.

  • Goofy grants and silly studies

    We’ve beaten a hole in our drum writing so often about political pork earmarks. Another category of frivolous federal spending is earmarks for eggheads.
    We’ve neglected examples of federal funding for goofy grants and silly studies – an annual ritual of granting money for research about which no one seems to ask: “Is that important? Is it necessary?”

  • Grandparents have their day

    Back quite a few years ago, there was a movie called “Home Alone.” At the end, the bratty little kid who captured a couple of burglars had a part in the subplot. He got his scary next door neighbor reunited with his son, enabling the older man to finally spend some time with his granddaughter.
    It was a great message about family love conquering other problems.
    Lost in all the memorials and remembrances that Sept. 11 brings, on the 10-year anniversary of the terrible attacks, is a celebration that occurs every year on the second Sunday in September.

  • Recalling the awful feelings of 9/11

    This coming weekend is a time for solemn remembering of an event that everyone who was older than a toddler will recall forever … the attack on America by Osama bin Laden’s troops, including two planes crashing into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon and another into a field in Pennsylvania.
    In that one, we all remember, the passengers revolted against the hijackers and gave their lives to stop a further attack on Washington, D.C.
    It was Sept. 11, 2001, and we all recall what we were doing that day.

  • Letters to the editor 09-02-2011

    About school buses
    Thank you for covering public education in Marion County and sharing the latest information with your readers on a regular basis. Community publications serve a vital role in our society.
    The first week of school has been busy but very successful thanks to students, parents, teachers, support workers, and countless others in our community, including bus drivers.

  • Devious debt and deficit double-talk

    The difficulty among the House, Senate, and president in reaching a debt and deficit agreement for the coming fiscal year was that they were discussing fictional numbers as if they were real.
    For decades federal budgeting and spending has been designed to obscure the ambitions and intentions of Washington politicians and bureaucrats. It’s called baseline budgeting. The object is to give the impression that legislators are providing more services without voting for more spending.

  • Labor Day a tough reminder for some

    Many years ago, Labor Day was established to honor the working people of our land, and that is still the purpose of the holiday.
    Up north, it marks the end of summer, but down here it has little effect on the people because of the weather.
    For now, Labor Day is a bittersweet reminder of the hard times that we are going through economically in the United States.