Today's Opinions

  • Sinking your teeth into the fluoride issue

    Three score and six years ago the Public Health Service brought forth upon this nation a dental discovery dedicated to the proposition that all teeth should be treated equally.
    Medical investigators had observed there was less tooth decay where water contained natural deposits of fluoride. The announced purpose of a national campaign to fluoridate drinking water was to make healthy teeth available to every citizen, especially young people.

  • Letters to the editor 10-14-2011

    Saving the ducks
    The recent decision by the Ocala City Officials to destroy the ducks living and populating the public parkland has released a giant protest from the local citizenry who believe that the ducks should be left in peace and protected.
    It speaks well of those who oppose the wholesale destruction of any of God’s creatures be it beautiful ducks or otherwise. These supporters of life for the ducks are to be commended for their concern for the animal kingdom.

  • Back to the 1960s on Wall Street

    On a sunny fall afternoon in the 1960s we were at the business offices of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at a gathering of suits for the purpose of finalizing a major building project. We had entered the building through a back door to avoid a gaggle of students and street-people exercising their first amendment right to demonstrate against the oppression of the day.

  • Seat belts and crashes

    It was a deadly weekend in Marion County. First four people died in a crash in the overnight hours as a vehicle crammed with seven people headed from Tucker, Ga., to Miami rolled over in a single-car accident.
    Then another accident claimed the life of a man and injured a couple of small children.
    Of those 10 people, it isn’t known if three in the second wreck were wearing seat belts. It is known that only one person in the four-fatality accident was wearing a belt, and that person was not facing life-threatening injuries.

  • On the road again, for about 10 feet

    At one time or another, I realize all of you probably moved. I doubt if there are too many of you who have spent a lifetime out here on the Corridor … for one thing, much of this Corridor wasn’t here when a lot of us were born.
    You all know what a pain moving can be. There’s figuring out what to take, what to sell, what to give away, what to keep and what to pack.

  • Letters to the editor 10-07-2011

    Get Out of Our House
    Keith Flaugh, a spokesman for GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) drove from Marco Island to speak to Tea Party Solutions of Ocala about this truly grassroots, non-partisan organization, that has a plan to replace Congress in 2012. Keith is an Army veteran and retired in 2001 after 27 years with IBM. As a free market capitalist, and frustrated with career politicians and the monopoly held by the two political parties, he joined a 9/12 group and a local Tea Party in 2010.

  • The rest of the FEMA funding story

    Washington bureaucrats and politicians turn on their innocence and righteousness when facts get fuzzy. A recent example was the go-round between the House and Senate over additional funding for FEMA - the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
    Democrats in the Senate viewed more money for FEMA as an opportunity to affirm their righteous commitment to unlimited spending and vote gathering. They suggested an additional $7 billion for FEMA.

  • A final few words with Andy Rooney

    It seems that it’s becoming a regular occurrence to have something happen that makes me feel old. Of course, maybe that’s because I am old. But that’s another story.
    This past Sunday, 60 Minutes, the long-running series, said goodbye to one of its most identifiable personalities, as Andy Rooney signed off for the last time as a regular contributor. Of course, the world “regular” is vital here. He’ll probably be back from time to time.