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  • Letters to the editor 11-23-2012

    Current events

    Many Americans voted for John McCain in his 2008 presidential bid. They agreed to support the winner, Barack Obama, for the good of America. After all, Obama was young, fresh, and energetic. He promised "hope and change" to America ... which he never gave us.

  • Day of memories, day of thanks

    Sometimes the calendar can be a little bit unfair with its listing of dates, holidays and remembrances. Take this week, for instance.

    Thursday was Nov. 22. Because it was the fourth Thursday in November, it was Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the earliest date it can be. It was a day for giving thanks for all that we have in this great nation, whether you agree with everything that is going on or not.

  • A nice visit, but who's paying for it?

    When a top political candidate comes to visit your area, it’s a public relations boon, especially when someone like vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan opens his comments by saying what great Florida weather he was experiencing.
    But Ryan’s visit to Ocala last week has me thinking of some things, just coming up with some questions without answers. So let me present some of those to you.

  • Letters to the editor 10-19-2012

    Looking at Executive Orders

    It is a shame that the only ads Obama can run are promoting class warfare, primarily because he can’t run on his record. He wants to shift emphasis to fear of the unknown from the facts that would in themselves prevent his re- election. However there is a real danger that hardly anyone is talking about, one that could destroy individual freedom and our American way of life. It’s time to talk about his executive orders.

  • Experience means been there, done that

    Experience means been there; done that


  • An election message worth repeating

    An election message that’s worth repeating


    There are a lot of people who immediately think “no” when the prospect of a new tax appears on the ballot. They don’t take the time to figure out how much, or how little, it would cost them, or how much the rejection of that tax could affect their lives.

  • Voting early may be the answer

    Ordinarily, we’re not big proponents of early voting, or of absentee voting when it’s not absolutely necessary.
    However, this year may be different.
    Because there are 11 Florida Constitution amendments on the ballot, and some of them are wordy, the ballot is two pages, 14 inches long, both sides.
    If everyone waits to vote on Election Day, that could be a disaster. We have visions of people waiting a very long time while those ahead of them try to read through the ballot and figure out which way they are going to vote.

  • Take time to remember MIAs, POWs

    About a dozen or so years ago, I was sitting in my newspaper office in New Smyrna Beach when a man came in to see me.
    He was dressed in rough-looking clothes, and had a long beard that looked as if he hadn’t trimmed it in months.
    I immediately stereotyped him as, well, you can guess, especially since I found out he was a veteran, and we’ve all heard stories about down and out vets.
    His name was Tom Ryan, and it turned out he was one of the nicest people I met over there, and one who was most dedicated to what he was trying to accomplish.