Today's Opinions

  • “No! No! The other end!”


  • Growth can’t continue down well-worn path

    Is it a surprise to anyone in the Corridor that state officials say the county’s land use plan is up to its rooftops in disarray? The community isn’t crowded – yet. If it weren’t for the economic slowdown, for which we saw the roadside signs in 2007, the number in rooftops would be increasingly more uncomfortable by now.

  • Don’t give the auto

    industry a blank check

    Some people have said that if you bailout the auto industry you are only rewarding the greedy workers who made cars that Americans did not want. Other people have said that if you bailout the auto industry you are rewarding those in management who only cared about their large salaries and bonuses from these over-sized and over-priced cars and trucks.

  • Going back to the future again

    Columnists love political years. We’re into our third in a row, with no let up in comedy. Vice President Joe Biden’s wife said recently that he could have been Secretary of State if he had wanted the job. We’d have loved to see Mrs. Clinton boil over when she heard Jill and Joe drop that bomb during an appearance on Oprah.

  • Economic storm is still brewing

    We now have a new president and possibly a new direction for our country, so let’s look at how we ended up in this crisis of failed banks, mortgage companies, all kinds of loans, etc. Our new president has been talking down the economy, he is full of doom and gloom, warning that things are dire and bound to get worse.

  • “You know the money we saved so we could

    go to that new restaurant? Well ... it closed!”

  • Want a new park? Take the survey

    With the worsening economy, those who dream of an additional park in the Corridor have all but given up hope of anything materializing. But an empty pocketbook for buying land is nothing new for the folks at the Marion County Parks and Recreation Department, and they’ve learned to search for the few state and federal dollars that are available nowadays.

  • For now, no more dread, only hope

    We had heard from the hinterlands there was an apparent sense of dread spreading round the country like some great unknowable plague aiming to take us down, individually and collectively. Is it the Henny-Penny-sky-is- falling syndrome? But in this particular case, it had relevancy in fact.