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  • Mountains From Molehills

    I wrote you all last week about the people in my boot camp company who teased me because I talked funny.

    After some needed rest, my mental attitude is improved, so this week’s column is about the people who have helped me succeed.

    Most of my benefactors were teachers. There was: Mrs. Hoak, first grade; Mrs. Aldrich, second grade; Mrs. Johnson, third grade; Mrs. Richardson in the fourth grade until we moved. I finished the fourth grade with Mrs. Wells.

  • I miss my mother

    It is early Sunday morning; Mother’s Day.

    I do not need a special day to remember momma. I miss her being around. I wish she were here right now to do my laundry, fold my clothes and put them away.

    I think of my momma every morning when I straighten my bed and especially on laundry day when it is time to change the bed clothes. 

    I wish the smell of sausage, eggs, biscuits and gravy came from the kitchen every morning, but it does not.

  • I know nothing of horse racing

    NOTE: I normally would not write this for an introduction, but as I wrote on the front page, I am trying to put together four newspapers until the end of this month.


    Justify won the 144th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville Saturday on the muddiest track in the history of the race. I watched on TV as the 3-year-old bested the field of 20 horses. When it was over, the winner did not have a speck of mud on him. 

  • Letters


    to atheists

    This is in response to the headline, “Atheists urge court to uphold ruling.” The American Humanist Association claims their constitutional rights were violated by city officials holding a day of prayer in the town square. They cite the 1st Amendment being violated, which is not true.

  • Letters to the Editor

    Wish Obama would go away quietly

    As I was considering to become a subscriber to Netflix I was dismayed to learn that Netflix signed a contract with the Obamas. Since leaving the White House, Obama has traveled around the world discrediting President Trump. It has reached a point where it borders on treason. Then, when I heard that Susan Rice was going to become a board member because of her outstanding integrity, I changed my mind.

  • Letters to the Editor

    Yes, the president lies

    In response to the editorial posted by Mr. Davis titled “has the President ever lied to us;” The story was interesting and topical; however, I was quite taken aback by the concluding sentence. It alluded to the notion that the present holder of office was like his predecessors. This is not a reflection of what we know.

  • Letter: Look for real solutions

    Look for real solutions

    It’s very apparent that a “gun free” America is the ultimate goal of many in the far left who admittedly want to do away with our Secon Amendment. 

    Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote that anti-gun activists should demand repeal of our Second Amendment.

    Former NBC President Michael Gartner wrote in the USA today,

  • Pun Alley: Humor all around

    Recently I received an email with actual pictures of newspaper bloopers.

    For a long time I believed that comedy writers wrote all the bloopers. So, I found a number of real bloopers and puns from newspapers, road signs, radio and TV, along with some others I could not resist.


    headline gems

    From Sacramento: State population to double by 2040; babies to blame

    A 1999 title: Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25

    Homicide victims rarely talk to police.