Today's Opinions

  • Living Old, Dying Young

    The average life span in the United States is around 80 years (depending on your information source).

    That doesn’t mean you should plan for the inevitable as you approach the 8-decade mark nor does it imply that you should fret if you’ve surpassed your 80th birthday.

    Life isn’t years. Life, in a sense, is about living.

    But even that statement deserves further explanation and expansion.

    Now please hang on tight for some adolescent irony. Life is certainly about living. But life isn’t at all about living.

  • Changes with Your Paper

    Many readers have been wondering about the changing face and character of their local newspaper.

    Earlier this year, we decided to change from a tabloid-size paper to a narrow-broad sheet, a format similar in size to most newspapers today. This allows us to streamline production costs and create an opportunity to provide more creative designs.

    We apologize for the inconvenience the broader sheet may create for reading, but we are confident you will get accustomed to the new size.

  • Law and Order: The NRA and Guns

    By Russ Olmos

    For many generations the National Rifle Association was a highly respected public service organization dedicated to promoting safe ownership and usage of firearms. It conducted wonderful programs for youngsters who were interested in firearms, and supported laws for making sure firearms didn’t get into the wrong hands.

  • Gambling My Life Away

    By Bill Koch

    I received a text message early Monday morning asking whether I had purchased $50 in lottery tickets in Cleveland on Sunday.

    The message requested I text back yes or no. I texted no.

    I’ve never been to Cleveland nor do I have a desire to go to there. Chicago? Definitely. But Cleveland. Not a chance.

    Nor do I play the lottery. Which I believe is about the most asinine investment strategy in the world. You’d be better off buying lamas.

  • Law and Order: The Brown Mailbox or a Lesson in Police Community Relations

    By Ross Olmos

    The Bronx, circa the early 1950's

    Anyone who grew up in New York City probably knows about the brown mailboxes located on certain street corners in various neighborhoods throughout the city. For those not familiar with brown mailboxes let me explain.

  • Start Celebrating Mom Now!

    By Bill Koch, editor

    She lay their screaming, uttering highly uncomfortable and very unlady-like phrases, threatening the destruction of all mankind if she survived your arrival.

    She sweated. She growled. She spat. And she wept – and not for your little darlingness.

    You were the pain. You were the problem. You were the cause of it all – you and that dang father of yours!

  • Looking for a Fight

    By Bill Koch

    Personality may never change, but proclivity and perspective certainly do. And from those ever-evolving human attributes come opinion.

    Everyone has one, an opinion. And a few of the less creative among us may revel in repeating the cliché that “everyone has one” (and its endless variants). It’s a convenient way of devaluing others by expressing opinions about people who express opinions. And on and on we go.

  • The Taxman and Ye Merrily Goeth

    By Bill Koch

    Ah, may we now breathe a collective sigh of relief? With the passing Monday of tax day 2019, can we rest easy?

    Alas, we are no longer compelled to fret over making tax preparations. It’s done – for most of us.

    Many of us may have filed our taxes long before the April 15 deadline. Nearly a quarter of taxpayers wait until the last two weeks to file their taxes, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

    What would motivate those late, high-adventure filers? Two words maybe: procrastination or loathing (of the IRS).