• Look for the facts

    If we look at every area of government we can see the media does not report favorably on actions that support conservative causes. Even worse is too often we seniors don’t get all the information needed before we judge their plans, making decisions without getting all the facts.

  • Do it yourself

    Where are the leaders of Marion County: political,s, and economic? Come out, come out wherever you are!

    Do these leaders have any allegiance, concern, or loyalty to Marion County, any interest in seeing Marion County prosper? Why must any community sit like fledglings in a nest waiting to be fed by others?

    What did the founders do? There was no one to help them. They did it themselves. Are we any less capable?

  • Follow the people’s wishes

    Is Congress supposed to follow the wishes of the people or are the people supposed to follow the wishes of Congress? Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson listens to his people. Not everyone does.

    House Republicans Rich Nugent, Cliff Stearns and Daniel Webster and Senate Republican Marco Rubio are trying to pass a bill to destroy your Medicare. They call it the Affordable Healthcare Bill. There is nothing affordable in it except the name.

  • Job-creating governor? 06-03-2011

    Floridians beware, we are being led down the path of destruction by the Republicans who are and have been in power for several years in the Sunshine State. We love living here because of the weather and the friendly neighbors that we are so lucky to have. I try to be optimistic about the future of our state but during the last election cycle we were lied to by those Republicans who were elected to office and especially by our newly elected governor.

  • We support Israel 06-03-2011

  • Agendas 06-03-2011

    Everyone has an agenda.

    The small, the tall, the rich, the poor, the old, the young, the obese, the skinny, the liberal, the conservative, the gay, the straight, the religious, the atheist. Each of us had better decide if our particular agenda is worth the risk of losing our freedom, and our entire way of life, forever.

    What does this mean?

  • Are high schools necessary?

    There are many opportunities for those in high school to be trained and prepare for a future in the new America that our children face after graduation.

  • Our country, our state

              Liberals never cease to amaze me! They write editorials expressing their discontent, “Voter Apathy” for instance, but have a tough time with actual facts and realistic solutions. They may have Florida mixed up with their former  state.

  • A different South

    I just read a hard copy autobiography of Willie Mays-The Life-The Legend.
    Growing up in the then segregated South, Willie was a three-sport star in the late forties.
    For a youth of color at that time the major leagues and the SEC was much more a dream and much less a reality.
    Later black athletes like former Gator stars Emmitt Smith and Percy Harvin could attest that timing is everything.
    Willie, who just turned 80, has certainly had an exciting and interesting life.

  • Voter apathy

    Floridais what happens when voters are discouraged and feel that their vote doesn’t count. The majority of registered voters are Democratic but they haven’t learned that you actually have to show up at the voting booth to make their numbers count.