• Keep them untouched and whole 07-01-2011

    Didn’t wage-earning, Americans pay into the Social Security and Medicare trust funds through payroll deductions?  Aren’t our children and grandchildren doing the same?  Wasn’t the intent of these funds to supplement pensions and medical costs when a person reaches age 65?  Now, Congress is talking about making unwanted and unnecessary changes to these programs … programs we and our children sacrificed so much to obtain.

  • Who is carrying whom? 07-01-2011


    Verrrry interesting,  {a la Sgt. Schultz}.

    Who is carrying whom? Let us give this a little more thought and research.

    How many people are paying NO taxes? The figure most commonly cited is 43 percent.  This includes those at the top lolling around in their loop-hole heaven, and those at the bottom lolling around in their hand-out heaven. Who is left to pay taxes? Voila:  You guessed it, the middle class.

  • Facts not cleared up 07-01-2011

    When reading the Citizen on the 17th of his month I was appalled to read the letter written by a local woman. It sounded like a one-sided missionary tall tale. I'm sure she wasn't around when the Constriction was signed anymore than I was. It sounded like a Pentecostal ranting to the nth degree. Doesn't she know we are all God’s children and as such, we are all sinners and that's why Jesus died on the cross for us. Man listen to me. I've never written a lerter about religion in my life even though my college major was Church Music Voice.

  • Dream Act is a nightmare

    The last time that a poll was taken concerning the Dream Act, a full 60 percent of Americans were against legalizing 15 million workers who came into this country illegally. These illegal immigrants not only came into this country illegally they are taking work away from Americans who are trying to support their families with any kind of work they can get.

  • Double dog dare

    MarionCountycommissioners cannot be serious about bringing back a two-kill rule for dangerous dogs before they are "classified" as "dangerous."

    Every dog has its day, Marion County wants to give them two at the expense of possible human death. Being in your own back yard may cost you your life. The dog that killed your neighbor's pet two weeks ago will get a second chance in your yard to harm your pet or your family.

  • Who’s carrying whom?

    In his April 13 speech on the deficit, President Obama quoted, “I say that at a time when the tax burden on the wealthy is at its lowest level in half a century, the most fortunate among us can afford to pay a little more.”

    This myth is being bandied about by liberal politicians and the media to confuse and manipulate U.S. citizens.

  • What happened to our country?

    There was a time when patriotism knew no political bound.  There was a time when both sides of the  aisle loved this country.  That is no longer true.  

    What happed to the oath they took to the Constitution?.

    The Obama administration ignores the first amendment when they want to intimidate "We the People"  as they have done in the state of Washington, demanding that certain signs be taken down from along the Interstate.  Washington state replied they would secede from the union rather than be intimidated.

  • Not a Christian nation

    When someone attacks me for not knowing the facts – it is incumbent on me to see if the complainer knows their facts. Sadly, no. The current attack on our country from the "Religious Right" comes in the form of a statement that they want this country to “return to the Christian principles on which it was founded.”

  • Self serve lanes gone 06-17-2011

    Here we go again! Because some people cannot behave, act like grown-ups, be fair, be honest, everyone must be dragged down to their level. We are constantly being forced to the lowest, lowest, lowest common denominator.

    Who wants to live like that? It makes life difficult for those who do have common sense, and a moral compass. Constantly others have to accommodate those who do not have a shred of a conscience.

    What is a business to do when its merchandise is walking out the door unpaid for? They take out their self serve lanes, that is what they do.

  • Fulfilling your civic duty

    For the last 40 years, allowing Floridians to update their legal names and addresses at the voting station was not a problem. With the passage of HB 1355, submitted by Rep. Baxley, Ocala, and signed by Gov. Scott  May 19, this procedure has drastically changed.

    In these days of high unemployment, home foreclosures, moving, divorce and re-marriage, anyone caught up in any one of these unfortunate circumstances will be restricted from voting. You are now required to go to the Supervisor of Elections and have your records updated.