• Letters to the editor 11-11-11

    Why blame Obama?
    Why is President Obama being blamed for the bad economy that was started during the Bush years? Where were all of the job creators during this period that House Speaker John Boehner keeps talking about and who also didn’t create jobs during the Bush or Obama years?

  • Letters to the editor 10-28-2011

    Time for tax reform
    Our IRS tax system is broken and must be replaced! It’s full of loopholes and contradictions, and is so complicated it’s nearly impossible to interpret and administer. The size of the tax code is 70,000+ pages … and still growing. Mindboggling!
    Just to comply with the requirements of the IRS code (filling out tax forms, hiring tax-preparers, etc.), the 2012 compliance costs will be $363 billion.

  • Letters to the editor 10-21-2011

    Fixing the economy

  • Letters to the editor 10-14-2011

    Saving the ducks
    The recent decision by the Ocala City Officials to destroy the ducks living and populating the public parkland has released a giant protest from the local citizenry who believe that the ducks should be left in peace and protected.
    It speaks well of those who oppose the wholesale destruction of any of God’s creatures be it beautiful ducks or otherwise. These supporters of life for the ducks are to be commended for their concern for the animal kingdom.

  • Letters to the editor 10-07-2011

    Get Out of Our House
    Keith Flaugh, a spokesman for GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) drove from Marco Island to speak to Tea Party Solutions of Ocala about this truly grassroots, non-partisan organization, that has a plan to replace Congress in 2012. Keith is an Army veteran and retired in 2001 after 27 years with IBM. As a free market capitalist, and frustrated with career politicians and the monopoly held by the two political parties, he joined a 9/12 group and a local Tea Party in 2010.

  • Letters to the editor 09-30-2011

    It’s not my fault
    President Obama stands there in public and cries about how tough the job is and how his predecessor left him with such a mess.
    I remember another President in my lifetime who inherited a mess.
    On January, 20, 1981, Ronald Reagan beame the new President. He never wasted time blaming his predecessor for the problems he inherited. That’s because he was too busy solving them! And, those problems were many and quite serious.

  • Letters to the editor 09-16-2011

    Munroe is ‘our hospital’
    It’s about time we started thinking about MRMC as the asset to Marion County that it is and always will be. If we don’t, we’ll have another for-profit-hospital in our midst and that would be a disaster. One has to be careful with for-profit hospitals.
    My wife was to have surgery at our for-profit hospital and asked for certain services normally found at MRMC and she was turned down and we had to go elsewhere.

  • Letters to the editor 09-09-2011

    Marriage: What is it?
    What should it be?
    That which we call marriage has been around for as long as man has formed community. According to the American Heritage Dictionary the obsolete definition is “the formal declaration or contract by which act a man and a woman join in wedlock.” The more recent definition is stated as “the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.” This is where the contradiction occurs.

  • Letters to the editor 09-02-2011

    About school buses
    Thank you for covering public education in Marion County and sharing the latest information with your readers on a regular basis. Community publications serve a vital role in our society.
    The first week of school has been busy but very successful thanks to students, parents, teachers, support workers, and countless others in our community, including bus drivers.

  • Our government is breaking records

    Our government
    is breaking records
    For the first time in history, the United States has lost its AAA credit rating and the government has shown its disdain for posterity by ensuring that the next generation of Americans will not live as well as this one, with the exception of the Great Depression of the 1930s.
    This happened when the federal government failed to meet Standard & Poor’s expected 4 trillion dollars in spending cuts in the face of an astronomical 14.4 trillion dollars in multi-generational foreign indebtedness.