• Letters to the editor 6-1-2012

    Oak Run no-walking article was incorrect

  • Letters to the editor 5-11-2012

    War on women
    The “war on women” is a false claim created by the liberal media and the current administration as a way to divide women and the conservative community. The majority of American women are much too intelligent to accept their plan.
    What began as a debate regarding the government demanding the Catholic Church pay for and furnish contraceptives to women who are covered under the Church’s health insurance suddenly became a bogus argument which the administration calls a “war on women”.

  • Letters to the editor 5-4-2012

    Away from White House?
    Recently we hear a lot of negative remarks regarding President Obama's frequent trips so
    let us look at the facts:
    During President Obama's first year in office, he spent 26 days away from the White House.
    President Regan spent 42 days away.
    G. H. W. bush spent 69 days away.
    G. Bush 2 spent a total of 147 days away from the White House in his first year.

  • Letters to the editori 4-27-2012

    Cross Florida Barge Canal
    Those of you who didn’t live here in Florida back in the 1960s as I did, won’t remember the controversy regarding the building of the Cross Florida Barge Canal. It was a great idea at the time and still is to this day. The reasons for not building were strictly political, with little foundation. It was a pity it didn’t happen.

  • Letters to the editor 4-20-2012

    True justice

  • Letters to the editor 4-13-2012

    The private activities
    In a recent letter published in another local newspaper titled “Do more than protest,” the writer censured persons who protest abortion at the local abortion clinic. The writer has the right to their opinion in this matter.

  • Letters to the editor 4-6-2012

    One (1) Mill Property Tax,
    A Travesty to Homeowners

  • Letters to the editor 3-30-2012

    Once is enough
    This applies to three important issues that face us today, beginning with the unfortunate incident involving Sgt. Bales in Afghanistan.

  • Letters to the editor 3-23-2012

    Staff Sergeant Thomas Bales,
    Where does the real fault lie?

  • Letters to the editor 3-9-2012

    It’s not free
    Just because you don’t have to pay for it doesn’t mean it is free. Someone has to pay the bill and no, the Insurance Company will not end up paying for it either. Every expense the company has is covered by the income received (premiums from those of us who pay our way), and if the expenses rise, so do our premiums.
    The federal and local governments raise our taxes.
    So much has been made of the question of Catholic hospitals having to pay birth control expenses, and that is ridiculous.