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    Will we elect a ‘queen

    mother’ on an ‘emperor?’

    Barack Obama, at a private fundraiser (no press allowed) said that in small towns in rural America, people who have lost their jobs “become bitter and cling to guns or religion.” What we have here is a presidential candidate looking down his nose at the peasants.

    Barack Obama is a snob. He is the worst kind of snob – an intellectual snob.

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    Poverty in the world’s

    richest country

    We owe it to ourselves, as the richest country in the world, to protect our people. If we can put billions of dollars per day into this war in Iraq – ending lives – then we must put the same effort into our own well-being – saving lives.

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    Let’s stimulate a few

    incumbents out of office

    The “Incumbent Congressional Campaign Committee,” (aka Congress), has given us a $165 billion refund from our grandchildren’s income taxes. The refunds (aka Economic Stimulus Package) are for our immediate use to prevent the possibility of a recession.

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    Thank you all for

    honoring Harry Plow

    The family, and especially Irene Plow, wants to thank everyone for the many expressions of sympathy for my husband, Harry G. Plow, by attending his memorial, as well as the contributions made in his name and the kind words by cards.

    For the community to remember the man who gave his all for others in many special ways is very touching.

    Thanks again,

    Irene Plow

    Congress shouldn’t pass

    time with baseball scandals