• Needs testing for Social Security

    Step one: Convince Americans that the wealthy should get reduced or even no Social Security benefits.

    Step two: The wealthy will almost certainly and justifiably protest. How can they be required to pay into the system if they are never going to benefit from it?

    Step three: We enact an “opt out” provision for the wealthy and “constitutionally) if one group of Americans is allowed to opt out then that choice must be available to all Americans.

  • Business needs federal intervention

    President Barack Obama is expected to sign a bill that prevents Web merchants from selling their customers’ credit card information to third parties.

    A bill called the “Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act” was passed by the U.S. House of Representativeslast week and should soon hit the desk of President Barack Obama.

  • Blood donor thanks

  • Scrooged again

    The seniors are being Scrooged again. Washington is arguing again that the cost of living did not increase this past year so they have decided that those with the least will not receive an increase to their meager income. Never mind that millionaires and billionaires will not have to pay their fair share of taxes for the next two years to help our economy. Never mind that medical costs and health care insurance have increased for seniors and never mind that fuel prices have increased for all of us.

  • The American People: Who are they?

    We hear the term, The American People bandied about by those guys in Congress all the time. I don't think they have any idea who the American people might be. They get elected by the American people who on the whole are of average intelligence and the American people believe they will do what they say they will do when running for office. If you believe that I've got some land under 10 feet of water to sell you in south Florida.

  • You be the judge

    President Obama just tried to sell the new tax package using this proviso.

    A reduction in the tax rate deducted from workers paychecks. It will allow workers to keep about $1,000 per year of their own wages.

    Wow! Oh, boy. Yippee, Hip, hip, hooray! Dance a dance of joy. Workers are allowed by our generous government to keep their own wages. What a magnanimous gesture.

    What is wrong with this picture? Is there some kind of disconnect between taxpayers, voters, citizens, and bureaucrats?

  • 95th Street safety

    95th Street safety

    As a former driving instructor, I am deeply concerned about the safety of young school children at Hammett Bowen Jr. Elementary School and Liberty Middle School if the proposed I-75 interchange is approved at 95th Street.

    An additional 16,000 cars per day will pass those schools, which are in the direct path of the interchange. That translates to 80,000 cars per week and 320,000 cars per month.

  • No Safe Food Act

    Congress just doesn’t get it

    The Senate just passed the Safe Food Act? Why?

    Where will the money come from to support a new cadre of bureaucrats? The FDA is not doing its job now. We have food alerts regularly. They cannot handle the job they are already entrusted with, why would we want to broaden the scope of what they can meddle in?

    More bureaucrats, more bureaucrats to support, this is how you implement smaller government? Not in my book.

  • Letters to the Editor

    The political playground is still run by the 'big boys'

    The Democratic Party rejected Hillary and then dumped her – but now dear ladies, they want your votes. So, like good little girls, do what you are told, tend to your knitting, needlepoint and Tupperware – and leave politics to the “big boys.”

    If Hillary ran as an Independent on a third party ticket she would win. She has the votes of the middle class, the blue collar workers, women, seniors and Hispanics.

  • Letters to the editor

    Let’s graciously

    support the candidate

    In last week’s “letters to the editor,” Helen Bader wrote in a very deprecating manner regarding the Democratic Party and Barrak Obama. She certainly has the right to air these perceived grievances and hopefully her input and the input of other women with similar ideas will make changes happen within the party.