• China sojourn 02-25-2011

    China sojourn

    Recently, my sojourn from Beijing to Shanghai, China, became an eye opener. The modern, clean, subway systems in both of those cities provided a reasonable and quick way to reach many areas. Many Chinese were using electronic devices during the trips.

    Auto traffic is growing, especially on the freeways (mostly toll roads outside the cities). Only in Shanghai are you required to purchase a lifetime car license to use the freeways. The transferable licenses fluctuate in price and may cost in the $1,000s U.S. dollars and may be sold!

  • Aerobatic box 02-25-2011

    I live north of Dunnellon. Accidents occur all the time in many ways and types. My understanding of an accident is something not intentional. Websters 1828 dictionary explains it as -

    1. A coming or falling; an event that takes place without one's foresight or expectation; an event which proceeds from an unknown cause, or is an unusual effect of a known cause, and therefore not expected; chance; casualty; contingency.

    2. That which takes place or begins to exist without an efficient intelligent cause and without design.

  • Health care woes 02-25-2011

    A woman under 65 had health care paid for by her husband’s salary. He died, she no longer has health care. She has a job that does not pay enough. When she is sick she has to go to work. No plan will cover her.

    When I saw her she was quietly crying. She joins millions of Americans without health care because Congress demanded it under the guise of cutting taxes.

    Congress has the best health care in the world.

    Alan Gold


  • People power 02-18-2011

    The people of Egypt have spoken and with their peaceful demonstrations have shown the world that the power of their unity is stronger than any government dictator. They are working toward a government where the people can decide their future with free elections.

  • Stop the carnage 02-18-2011

    A citation in the book “Dupes” by Paul Kengor Page 12, states that 100 million people were killed, over the span of 70 years, by the followers of Communism. {This does not include Hitler’s carnage}.

    Does this make those 70 years, the bloodiest in human history?

    This is the path to civility? I do not think so.

    Are we, in this new 21st century, trying for a new record? Will we ever learn?

  • MRMC, a Class Act 02-18-2011

    Well, I'm usually writing articles championing a cause or taking to task a wrong doing. I did so last week in the Citizen. I wrote an article regarding service denied me by an MRMC employee working for a doctor from whom I was seeking care.

    Well, "Chicken Lickin', the Sky is Falling" is an understatement here. But this falling sky was like a rainbow and one of the most memorable and pleasant ones I've ever experienced. Which, brings me to the headline, MRMC, a Class Act.

  • What is the difference? 02-11-2011

    I would hope that most Americans, regardless of political preference, would agree on two basic principles: First, a divided nation cannot stand; and second, a bankrupt nation will not survive. Hard choices must be made, especially economic decisions.

    A review of election results shows a liberal mindset in the Northeastern States, California and a couple of other states, with the others much more conservative in their views. There are many exceptions to this geographic breakdown but we are looking at the majority of citizens in the respective states.

  • Tea Party response 02-11-2011

    In a letter of Feb. 4 to theSouth Marion Citizen, the writer criticizes the Tea Party as a “mainly” white or “all white” organization with a small minority representation, perhaps forgetting that a minority would, by definition, be small. Additionally, the Tea Party continually invites all minorities to join and participate in the movement. If he had attended any of our meetings in Ocala, he would have seen that all citizens are indeed welcome, regardless of minority status.

  • MRMC selective with patients 02-11-2011

    I found out the hard way  there are doctors MRMC advertised to be on the hospital the staff of MRMC, who will not see a patient if they have been previously seen by  another doctor for the same condition. This seems quite out of the ordinary. I know there are doctors who may not take new patients if their practice is full and this is understandable. What happens when a patient is seen by another doctor in another city for the same condition but can't get back to see that doctor. Trouble.

  • Isolationism a Good Thing! 02-04-2011

    Most of us living in the “200 Corridor,” are familiar with the term “isolationist,” describing the United States, post WWI and pre-WWII. The words used were “isolationist country.” Many felt Japan attacked the United States because of our isolationism and thus we were a weak nation. Boy, were they ever fooled. Japan awoke in us what even Weston Churchill couldn’t do and that was to bring us into the war with Germany. In reflection, all of those other countries were wrong, dead wrong.