• Who are the victims? 03-11-2011

    Possibly a number of voters would like to know whose credit Marion County is using to get into private business in competition with legitimate business. Are the taxpayers the receivers of the bill through enormous tax billing and various fees for their water, sewer service and buildings permits?

  • British answer 03-11-2011

    A letter was published in last week's paper regarding an article written by two doctors in the previous week's paper regarding health care in the UK.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion but not their assumptions. My entire family in England was/is Conservatives not Liberal. I can add only that my mother was cared for for many weeks after her stroke - no plug pulling there. One aunt in her eighties had three colon cancer operations. Another aunt had both knees operated on and attended therapy for as long as she needed. None had to wait.

  • The hemorrhageing of America 03-11-2011

  • British health care not utopia 03-04-2011

    A recent article praised the British National Health Service (NHS). In theory, it’s a utopia. But not in fact.

  • Blame the unions? 03-04-2011

    The newly elected Republican governors are blaming the big, bad, out-of-control unions for the financial problems that they face trying to balance their budgets. I must ask how can 6.9 percent of the private union workforce be responsible for this economy. Wisconsin has taken a page out of the federal government’s playbook used for not meeting their budgetary goals.

  • Enact the Fair Tax 03-04-2011

    What is the American Dream? To me it means that no matter who you are or where you begin, in America you can climb as far as your imagination, ambition, hard work and God-given abilities can take you. But what has happened to that dream?

  • Golf at Oak Run

    Recently I was quite surprised to find out that Royal Oaks Golf Club didn’t want Oak Run residents to play there. I came to this conclusion when our threesome of Oak Run residents were joined by a resident of The Villages who paid $25 to play and we were charged $40. Needless to say I was upset over the cost difference.
    For those Oak Run residents who are also upset over the price difference, we can play at Spruce Creek for $27, Huntington for $28, SummerGlen for $34 or Marion Oaks for $30 before noon or $26 afternoon.

  • Bad government decisions

    The Republicans have shown their true goal and focus toward the least affluent seniors by concentrating their efforts to reduce Social Security and Medicare by cutting back on these two necessary programs. Their very existence has allowed our retirees to feed and clothe themselves, to lead a fruitful life and contribute to the American society in general.

  • Thank you, Gov. Scott 02-25-2011

    Apparently, a minority of our state population is in favor of the high speed rail that Scott has reversed, telling the Fed to keep their money. He is wise enough to have the foreknowledge that our cost to keep this going will be astronomical, too big a burden for Florida taxpayers. If you look at the facts, public transportation rarely if ever pays its own way. Also, recent history reveals that our citizens soundly voted this down only to have the issue arise again. There are several issues, discounting the future cost, that should be addressed.

  • Just say No

    Think about this. How many people do you know who are smart enough to lead perfect lives? Then how many people are smart enough to lead, and control the lives of every human on this planet?

    Hmmmmmmm.  None. I cannot think of one person.

    Strange, isn’t it, that each generation seems to grow a new crop of these power lusting know-it-alls. The book Dupes by Paul Kengor {among other things} outlines this scenario so clearly.