• Letters to the editor 01-30-2015

    Firemen and EMS plus police officers
    You may not realize it, but they are two different entities, although both are public employees. Yes, public employees.
    Let's address our fantastic firefighters-EMS people first. These men and women are trained to save our property and our lives, and it happens every single day. We pay them less than a car salesman, (how many lives do they save?), janitors, wait staff, trash collectors, etc. and actually just about anyone else. Man, are we cheapskate employers. Blame it on Republicans, and be justified.

  • Letters to the editor 5-30-2014

    When states’ rights die, America dies

  • Letters to the Editor 10-4-2013

    Andersonville POW camp was a tragedy that didn’t have to happen.
    The South had nothing to give their troops, much less these prisoners. There had been a prisoner exchange program and then the North cancelled it. Remarkably, Union officials, including President Lincoln and Secretary of War Stanton, refused personal appeals from five paroled Union prisoners from Andersonville in July 1864 to restart the exchange. The men had presented a petition signed by most of the prisoners asking for help.

  • Letters to the editor 2-15-2013

    Health care action

    The 2013 Legislative Session begins in three weeks. Two weeks ago, the governor released his budget recommendations, which yet again contain cuts in payments to Florida hospitals for the care of low income families, children, the elderly and the disabled. This is just one of many challenges facing us in the upcoming Legislative Session. Yet, the biggest health care policy decision Florida faces was not addressed in the governor’s budget because that decision will be up to the Legislature.

  • Letters to the editor 2-8-2013

    History lesson needed
    It appears the letter writer of “Outdated Amendment” is fanatically anti-Second Amendment. I don’t have a problem with him voicing his opinion about it, but I think he should have used facts. Instead he chose to use nonsense to try and make his point.

  • Letters to the editor 1-25-2013

    Smoke and mirrors
    Conservatives and liberals maintain an ongoing dialogue. Their ideas and opinions often differ - sometimes greatly - but they keep exchanging thoughts and ideas which allow them to reasonably debate one another’s views.

  • Letters to the editor 11-23-2012

    Current events

    Many Americans voted for John McCain in his 2008 presidential bid. They agreed to support the winner, Barack Obama, for the good of America. After all, Obama was young, fresh, and energetic. He promised "hope and change" to America ... which he never gave us.

  • Letters to the editor 10-19-2012

    Looking at Executive Orders

    It is a shame that the only ads Obama can run are promoting class warfare, primarily because he can’t run on his record. He wants to shift emphasis to fear of the unknown from the facts that would in themselves prevent his re- election. However there is a real danger that hardly anyone is talking about, one that could destroy individual freedom and our American way of life. It’s time to talk about his executive orders.

  • Letters to the editor 8-24-2012

    Voters deserve the truth
    The president is being blamed for political ads that depict Romney as a heartless candidate who would shove grandma off a cliff and also introducing vouchers for seniors to purchase their health benefits on the open market. Romney is accusing the president of taking 716 billion dollars out of the Medicare system and using this money to shore up Obamacare, which, by the wa,y is despised by any politician with an R after his name.

  • Letters to the editor 6-22-2012

    Walking in Oak Run
    Please let me offer a walker’s perspective to the Oak Run Boulevard controversy and a possible solution which would satisfy both walkers and motorists.