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    Thank You!

    About three weeks ago my wife and I were at Bob Evans having dinner. A few people stopped to thank me for my service as I am a World War II veteran.  We asked for our check and we were told it was covered.

    Thank you again from a World War II veteran. You made our day.  No one had ever done something like that before.

    God bless you and keep you safe.

    R. H.  Trout

    Oak Run 


    Others Don’t Have Golf Courses, Too

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    Paper Too Big

    Hate the new size format. Go back to the old. Who came up with this idea?

    Myra McDonough


    Celebrate Mothers

    The traditions observed during the myriad of holidays on our calendars are as diverse and personal as the individuals who observe them.

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    We’re Not Achieving Progress

    Don’t you think it is ironic that people whose development is stranded in the 7th century are trying to force people, who have been making progress for the past 1400, how they must live their lives? The retarded, those with arrested development, are the smart people.  How do you justify that? Why have humans wasted all that time and energy looking for better ways to live on this planet? Why is it called progress?

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    Trump an Embarrassment

    I am surprised that D. L. Larson branded my reply to his letter as “fallacious” without listing any untruths. Perhaps that is because there weren’t any.

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    Maligning Socialism

    Do I malign socialism? Make misleading or harmful statements about it?

    This question was posed to readers in the Letters to the Editors last week. We were asked to rethink our reaction to the “word” socialism used as an adjective to describe a party (political, I assume) candidate, or public program and question our initial reaction feeling of revulsion to it.

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    to atheists

    This is in response to the headline, “Atheists urge court to uphold ruling.” The American Humanist Association claims their constitutional rights were violated by city officials holding a day of prayer in the town square. They cite the 1st Amendment being violated, which is not true.

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    Wish Obama would go away quietly

    As I was considering to become a subscriber to Netflix I was dismayed to learn that Netflix signed a contract with the Obamas. Since leaving the White House, Obama has traveled around the world discrediting President Trump. It has reached a point where it borders on treason. Then, when I heard that Susan Rice was going to become a board member because of her outstanding integrity, I changed my mind.

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    Yes, the president lies

    In response to the editorial posted by Mr. Davis titled “has the President ever lied to us;” The story was interesting and topical; however, I was quite taken aback by the concluding sentence. It alluded to the notion that the present holder of office was like his predecessors. This is not a reflection of what we know.

  • Letter: Look for real solutions

    Look for real solutions

    It’s very apparent that a “gun free” America is the ultimate goal of many in the far left who admittedly want to do away with our Secon Amendment. 

    Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote that anti-gun activists should demand repeal of our Second Amendment.

    Former NBC President Michael Gartner wrote in the USA today,

  • Letter to the editor 09-21-2016

    Donations properly used
    There are increasing discoveries of fraudulent so-called “nonprofit charity” organizations who deceive the public with their promises that donations will be used to relieve the needs of families with children, or some other specific segment of the public.