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    to atheists

    This is in response to the headline, “Atheists urge court to uphold ruling.” The American Humanist Association claims their constitutional rights were violated by city officials holding a day of prayer in the town square. They cite the 1st Amendment being violated, which is not true.

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    Yes, the president lies

    In response to the editorial posted by Mr. Davis titled “has the President ever lied to us;” The story was interesting and topical; however, I was quite taken aback by the concluding sentence. It alluded to the notion that the present holder of office was like his predecessors. This is not a reflection of what we know.

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    Wish Obama would go away quietly

    As I was considering to become a subscriber to Netflix I was dismayed to learn that Netflix signed a contract with the Obamas. Since leaving the White House, Obama has traveled around the world discrediting President Trump. It has reached a point where it borders on treason. Then, when I heard that Susan Rice was going to become a board member because of her outstanding integrity, I changed my mind.

  • Letter: Look for real solutions

    Look for real solutions

    It’s very apparent that a “gun free” America is the ultimate goal of many in the far left who admittedly want to do away with our Secon Amendment. 

    Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote that anti-gun activists should demand repeal of our Second Amendment.

    Former NBC President Michael Gartner wrote in the USA today,

  • Letters to the editor 12-01-2017

    Hospital at TimberRidge
    A new hospital by Munroe Regional Medical Center (MRMC) is a bad idea. First it’s just a 64 bed hospital, and would be limited by it’s size. I’ve not read anywhere, that the Florida Hospital Association, or the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH), has come out to support the hospital. The Llaw Judge has it right.

  • Letter to the editor 09-21-2016

    Donations properly used
    There are increasing discoveries of fraudulent so-called “nonprofit charity” organizations who deceive the public with their promises that donations will be used to relieve the needs of families with children, or some other specific segment of the public.

  • Letter to the editor 01-01-2016

    The Sunshine State
    Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but the governor and the state Legislature do not believe in solar power. Florida has more than 600 miles of beaches and doesn't believe in hydro power. Florida has a shortage in drinking water and will not invest in ways to desalinate the water surrounding our state to supply our residents with drinking water.

  • Letter to the editor 12-18-2015
  • Letters to the editor 08-07-2015

    Handicapped spaces
    Last week, Editor Jim Clark discussed the lack of enforcement of handicapped parking spaces in lots in West Marion County and suggested that maybe the volunteers in the COPS program could help solve the problem.

  • Letters to the editor 05-01-2015

    Freedom and responsibility
    Recently I sat thinking about the changes that have taken place in our culture over the past 50 years. I was reminded of something I wrote as a teacher when I began noticing the change in school classroom discipline: “When people possess self-discipline, there is freedom. When self-discipline is no longer present, government steps in and takes control.” That principle seems to apply from the smallest unit of society, the family, up through our classrooms, our communities, and our country.