Living Old, Dying Young

The average life span in the United States is around 80 years (depending on your information source).

That doesn’t mean you should plan for the inevitable as you approach the 8-decade mark nor does it imply that you should fret if you’ve surpassed your 80th birthday.

Life isn’t years. Life, in a sense, is about living.

But even that statement deserves further explanation and expansion.

Now please hang on tight for some adolescent irony. Life is certainly about living. But life isn’t at all about living.


Do you exercise?

Where are you from?

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The South.
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The Northeast.
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The Midwest.
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The West.
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The Southwest.
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Another planet.
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I don’t remember.
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None of your business.
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What will you be doing for Easter?

Going to church
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Spending time with family
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Sleeping late
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