Today's News

  • A president says goodbye to a WWII buddy

    President George H. W. Bush and William Donovan served together in WWII. Donovan passed Sunday evening at the Legacy House, but not before he received military respects Friday at a Veterans Pinning Ceremony by volunteer Scott Traxler, and a surprise phone call on Saturday from none other than President George H. W. Bush.

  • Pat Wellington: 'Anatomy of a Miracle'

    Twenty-six-year-old Cameron Harris has been a paraplegic for four years due to a land mine incident suffered in Afghanistan. He lives with his older sister Tanya in their battered Biloxi, Mississippi neighborhood where only half the houses made it through Katrina. Then one day in the parking lot of the Biz-E-Bee grocery store where his sister was shopping, he suddenly rises up from his wheelchair and begins to walk.

  • MCFR Battles Oak Run Structure Fire
  • CERT gives excellent presentation

    Our Community Emergency Response Team gave an outstanding presentation last Saturday in the clubhouse. Along with the CERT team, about forty-five residents joined in to learn what to do in an emergency situation. The program began with Robert Busha showing a slide show as an introduction. From there, the information flowed concerning how to deal with natural disasters.

  • Pun Alley: Humor all around

    Recently I received an email with actual pictures of newspaper bloopers.

    For a long time I believed that comedy writers wrote all the bloopers. So, I found a number of real bloopers and puns from newspapers, road signs, radio and TV, along with some others I could not resist.


    headline gems

    From Sacramento: State population to double by 2040; babies to blame

    A 1999 title: Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25

    Homicide victims rarely talk to police.

  • What to look forward to in Marion Landing

    July 4th picnic

    and pool party

  • Residents invited to PACOR picnic at the Orchid Club

    Dear readers, sure hope you have been able to keep dry. I find myself saying, “I better go to store now, as it has stopped raining.” We are not happy to hear Alberto might visit Florida. He is not welcome in Oak Run! The PACOR picnic is

  • County welcomes traveling Vietnam wall

    Marion County Veterans Services hosted a four-day event from May 25 to 28 to honor fallen, missing, and imprisoned U.S. service members at Ocala/Marion County Veterans Memorial Park in observation of Memorial Day. Each day, the public had the opportunity to appreciate different military traditions and ceremonies. Veterans Memorial Park featured static displays, which include military vehicles and aircraft. Veterans Services also coordinated a flyover on Memorial Day.

  • Locals were active over the weekend

    Local residents were busy over the weekend with a variety of activities.

    Some of the people in Marion County came out for the Ocala Lions Club flea market along State Route 200.

    In the photo below, residents decorated mailboxes in Oak Run Saturday for the letter carrier food drive.

    In the bottom left photo is the winner of the Oak Run Golf Cart Rodeo.

  • A Life Altering Discovery: Mothers Are Not Fathers

    Celebrating another “Mother’s Day,” gave opportunity to reflect on the influence and importance of mothers in our society today. I think for the most part mothers get a bad rap these days, or at least they don’t get the kind of appreciation they truly deserve, and they sure don’t get the pay-package they earn. Of course, if they did nobody could afford a mother.