Today's News

  • Gas Prices Climb 9 Center


    Florida gas prices set a new 2019-high of $2.80 per gallon, last week. The state average rose a total of 9 cents, but declined a penny over the weekend.

  • Detectives Continue Investigating Horse Farm Murder

    Ocala – Marion County sheriff’s office detectives are continuing an investigation of a murder that reportedly occurred early March 21 at a horse farm at 13750 West Highway 40.

    Deputies responded to a call from an employee at Classic Mile Park Training Center who reportedly discovered a dead person. The employee was checking on the horses, a report states.

    Deputies found a Hispanic male dead on the ground near Barn 56. The man was reportedly killed by gunshot wounds.

  • Chowing down on delicious comedy

    By Dick Frank

    At one time Route 200, just east of I-75, was known as Restaurant Row. Now more and more restaurants are west of the interstate. Just recently several opened at Heath Brook while some east of I-75 have closed. While thinking about what new one to try, feast on some food stories straight from Pun Alley.

    Ham It Up

    In front of new fast-food restaurant a blonde noticed a man holding a sign that read “Free Big Mac!” Strolling over with a look of concern, the blonde asked, “Why? What’d he do?”

  • Lessons from dang Dorian

    By Bill Koch

    Florida’s collective blood pressure may have risen as Hurricane Dorian sashayed in the Atlantic Ocean early last week, threatening to strike Central Florida with ruthless intent.

    As the system sweeps cantankerously north with the end of its life in sight, we can breathe a sigh of relief – if only for ourselves. Others may not be as fortunate.

  • To retirement and beyond

    By Bill Koch

    Financial advisors and planners advise working people today to save at least $1 million for retirement.

    Long-term care in the later years of retirement may cost more than $250,000 alone, experts say.

    As baby boomers and graying millennials move with increasing velocity toward retirement, the financial requirements to form comfortable golden years appear to loom larger on life’s horizon.

    The working years compel many of us to pursue passionately the wherewithal to sustain the lifestyles we envision for later in life.

  • Falling for fun

    By Dick Frank

    Fall is coming. Actually a lot of falls have just started and more are coming. Football season has started with college, high school, and exhibition professional games already being played for several weeks. Follow the ball as it gets passed down Pun Alley’s own football field. We make it through the goal posts and sometimes the pun police throw the flag.

  • ‘Angel Has Fallen’

    By Bob Garver

  • Preparing for life’s storms

    Bill Koch

    Dare we ask the question? Do people over-prepare for storms?

    At this reading, the ravages of Hurricane Dorian are hopefully behind us. But the windup to the storm’s landing was typically dramatic. Store shelves quickly emptied of water. Gas station lines wound around pump areas. Florida’s sober-minded meteorologists found gainful employment – and perhaps much overtime pay – in their exuberance to keep their wide-eyed, nail-biting viewers prepared and informed.

  • Stuck between a virus and a varmint

    Dr. James L. Snyder

    Normally, I’m not a superstitious sort of a person. But then again there is a good case to be made that I am really not normal. If you stop to think about it, (and I have), the average person is a composite of everybody and the description ends up to be that of nobody. That is exactly what I think about being normal.

  • What time is it really?

     By Bill Koch

    The children are returning to school. The weather will soon be cooling. And snowbirds are contemplating their long trek south in the next few months.

    This may be time for some peace, quiet and fun. It’s time to enjoy home sweet home.

    Cherish this time – for what it’s worth. It’ll change, in a sense for the better. The weather will continue to improve. Florida’s winter and autumn are splendid.

    But you know all that already.