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  • 50 years after graduation, a lot of new words are in our vocabulary

    Last week, while on vacation, I had given thought to going to my high school’s 50th class reunion for the Class of 1961.
    Where most schools have the ceremony in the fall of what would have been your senior year, Bergen Catholic does it three months after the 50th anniversary of the actual graduation day in June 1961.
    I don’t travel as well as I used to, so I dutifully filled out the questionnaire but didn’t make the trip.

  • Pun Alley 09-30-2011

    Yesterday was National Coffee Day. I was out celebrating the whole day drinking coffee at restaurants and coffee shops while keeping my ears cocked to find material for today’s Pun Alley. When I finally came home really wide-awake my wife asked if I would be able sleep after so much coffee.
    I said, “It’s no problem; I’ve done this before. I count until three and then I sleep.”
    “And that works?” she asked.
    “No, sometimes, I count until half past three.”

    Divorce liquidity

  • Upcoming events week of 9-30-2011

    Thursday, Sept. 29

    Scenic roads ordinance update

    During the past few months, Marion County Growth Management has been collecting staff and citizen input on how to best update the plan that guides the establishment and protection of the county’s scenic roads. On Sept. 29, staff will present the results of this review process at a community meeting. Citizens are invited to attend the presentation and provide feedback on the proposed plan updates.

  • OTOW Happenings 09-30-2011

    By Eloise Hollyfield

    Travel opportunities and a donation event mark this week’s OTOW Happenings.

    Florida Blood
    Center Bloodmobile
    On Monday, Oct. 3, the “Big Red Bus” will be in the Health and Recreation Building parking lot from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Please come and donate —the life you save may be your own.

  • Painter, roommate accused of theft from house

    A local man working for a painting company was arrested and accused of grand theft after he allegedly took jewelry and drugs from a home in which he was painting.
    Cody V. Hall, 26, who lived in a motel on South Pine, was hired by a couple in Oak Run to paint the interior of the house. He was in the house on Tuesday, Sept. 13, through Friday, Sept. 16.

  • County lowers fees

    In a unanimous vote during their Sept. 20 board meeting, Marion County commissioners adopted a new fee schedule for the county’s Building Department, reducing fees for 83 different types of permits. The new rates will go into effect Oct. 1 and affect projects taking place in unincorporated Marion County.

  • Legislative delegation meets

    “Be careful what you wish for.” That was the comment from State Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, early in Tuesday’s legislative delegation meeting at the College of Central Florida.
    A finishing comment by Ocala Mayor Randy Ewers, who is not up for re-election on Oct. 18, started the discussion of redistricting of the Legislature, and that led to Hays’ short response.
    Ewers said he supported “compact redistricting,” where Marion County would not be carved among so many legislators. Nine were on the dais Tuesday.

  • Marion Landing 09-16-2011

  • Pun Alley 09-16-2011

    Fall is coming. Actually a lot of falls have just started and more are coming. Football season has started with college, high school, and exhibition professional games already being played for several weeks.
    Follow the ball as it gets passed down Pun Alley’s own football field. We make it through the goal posts and sometimes the pun police throw the flag.

    Backfield in motion

  • Judi's Journal 09-16-2011

    It is 5772 (well, almost!) and in a few days, Jews all over the world will be ushering in a New Year. This year, the holidays come later (last year Rosh Hashanah was two days after Labor Day) and the first day of the New Year is actually in the seventh month of the year! How can this be? And how can this be 5772 when most calendars record the year as 2011? The answers to these questions lie in the calculation of the Jewish calendar and its fascinating history.