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  • Pun Alley 10-14-2011

    On October weekends two local farms are presenting fun activities for children and adults, offering mazes where you can explore through pathways in the cornfields, as well as farm train rides, pony rides, music and other activities.
    Here in Pun Alley we don’t have a corn maze, but rather amazing corn.
    I’m reading a murder mystery where they bury the guy in cornstarch. I just got to the part where the plot thickens.
    Where did the first corn come from? The stalk brought it.

  • Judi's Journal 10-14-2011

    When I was teaching Jewish religious school, my synagogue had a box next to the copy machine we called “shames,” Yiddish for “shemot” or “names.” In this case, the “names” meant the names we Jews have for God and it was the custom that if we ran off copies of prayers that were extras and they contained the name of God in Hebrew in any form, we were to put these papers in the shames box for proper disposal. I even brought some of my classes in to see this box to show them the respect Jews have for sacred writings.

  • Oak Run news 10-14-2011

  • Out to Pastor 10-14-2011

    I was sitting in a restaurant on a Friday afternoon enjoying a leisurely repast with some friends. Somewhere in the middle of our conversation, my cell phone went off. Without even thinking about it, I reached into my shirt pocket, pulled it out and answered it.
    It was then I was struck with an awful thought. I am now a child of this contemporary technological world. I never thought I would succumb to this sort of thing. But here I am; I’m not the man I used to be, and I’m not even sure I’m the man I want to be.

  • Back to the 1960s on Wall Street

    On a sunny fall afternoon in the 1960s we were at the business offices of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at a gathering of suits for the purpose of finalizing a major building project. We had entered the building through a back door to avoid a gaggle of students and street-people exercising their first amendment right to demonstrate against the oppression of the day.

  • Seat belts and crashes

    It was a deadly weekend in Marion County. First four people died in a crash in the overnight hours as a vehicle crammed with seven people headed from Tucker, Ga., to Miami rolled over in a single-car accident.
    Then another accident claimed the life of a man and injured a couple of small children.
    Of those 10 people, it isn’t known if three in the second wreck were wearing seat belts. It is known that only one person in the four-fatality accident was wearing a belt, and that person was not facing life-threatening injuries.

  • On the road again, for about 10 feet

    At one time or another, I realize all of you probably moved. I doubt if there are too many of you who have spent a lifetime out here on the Corridor … for one thing, much of this Corridor wasn’t here when a lot of us were born.
    You all know what a pain moving can be. There’s figuring out what to take, what to sell, what to give away, what to keep and what to pack.

  • Upcoming events week of 10-14-2011

     Saturday, Oct. 15

    AAUW meeting scheduled

    Dr. Mary Palamar, a distinguished college professor and educator will be speaking on The Impact of Human Trafficking in Florida at the Oct. 15 AAUW meeting.  The meeting will take place in room 108 at the University Center, College of Central Florida and starts at 10 a.m. Coffee will be served starting at 9:30 a.m. Public is invited.

    Helping Hands apartments open

  • Marion County Sheriff's Reports for 10-14-2011

    Theft cases dominated the reports from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.
    Eileen Marie Ferro, 28, of Northeast 49th Court, Silver Springs, was accused of retail petit theft after an incident at A-Z Liquor Store, 6160 S.W. State Road 200. According to the report, she left the store with a bottle of tequila hidden. A witness recorded her tag number.
    Gail T. Kurtz, 61, of Southwest 59th Street, was given a notice to appear for retail petit theft after she was allegedly observed taking jewelry items at Beall’s.

  • Farmer's Market hours change

    Enjoy the cool fall evenings at the Circle Square Commons Farmer’s Market on The Town Square every Thursday from 4 to 7 p.m. beginning Nov. 3. Find fresh seasonal produce, flowers, plants, fresh baked goods, hand-made soaps, delicious pies and much more. Meet and shop the local crafters and artists displaying creative and unique pieces from charming denim purses and beautiful oil paintings to wood working creations and framed photography.