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  • History may call it the Battle of Guantanamo

    Washington thrives on creating confusion. The Bush and Obama Administrations have thought closing the Guantanamo Detention Camp (Gitmo) a good idea, but neither offered a compelling reason.

    Gitmo became necessary because none of our European allies wanted to take a bunch of bad guys, even at our expense. Their self-serving attitude hasn’t changed since World War II, when we had to bring more than 430,000 POWs to the U.S. because our European allies wouldn’t take them then. either. 

  • Sick is as sick feels and I feels oh so sick

    This past week I have come closer to having the hot breath of death on the back of my neck than any time I can remember. All I can say is Mr. Death needs a breath mint. Now that I have put some distance between him, and myself, I can breathe a little easier.

  • Letters to the Editor - May 29, 2009

    A divided nation

    Many of our leaders throughout history have told us that as a nation, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

    There is no doubt we are a seriously divided nation. How did we get in this deplorable state?

  • County dedicates new EOC

    Marion County has dedicated its new emergency operations center just in time for hurricane season.

    “I hope we never have to use this building,” said Sheriff Ed Dean at the May 22 event. “But chances are we probably will. We’re going to be ready.”

    The 15,000-square-foot building has been in development for the past year. Its role is to provide a safe, comfortable location for emergency supervisors, support staff and media during a disaster.

    It is located next to the sheriff’s operation center in Ocala.

  • Model ships on display at library

    In fourteen hundred and ninety-two

    Columbus sailed the ocean blue . . .

    And landed at a place he named San Salvador in the Bahamas. Plastic replicas of Columbus’s two smallest ships, the Niña and the Pinta, will be on exhibit in the library’s display case along with other models during the month of June.

  • Community association manager receives special recognition

    Just down the road apiece Preservists one and all congratulate our Community Association Manager Steve Butts for attaining such high regard from the Honorable Ginny Brown-Waite of Florida, that on May 21, 2008 this congresswoman issued a proclamation on the floor of Congress of the United States that May 21 would henceforth be known as Steve R. Butts Day.

  • No fish story, plenty of fish for everyone

    A few weeks ago, a friend invited us and about 20 other people to a fish fry in his backyard. Everyone had about three or four fish each with a lot left over. All of them had been caught from a small stream that ran in back of his house. And that’s no fish story or is it?

    What A Line

    Oliver, an insurance broker in Florida, loves ocean fishing and takes his cell phone along on the boat. One morning, while drifting about a mile offshore, Oliver discussed business on the phone.

  • The same old story from the Lincoln Party

    What do you call a political party that’s out of touch, doesn’t know it, has no leaders and wants to take the bat and ball and go home if you don’t play their game?

    The Party of Lincoln is immersed in its own Civil War. The Republicans have been whining so much on so many issues that people have stopped listening. It’s the same old story over and over again.

  • Constitution not always followed completely

    Over the years, Americans have had reasons to believe, and rightly so, that the federal Constitution is the cornerstone of our system of government.  It has been the final arbiter of law questions.  As such, it divides the federal government and the states and with this power it places various limitations on what each of the state governments can do.

  • MRMC to expand

    The operating room expansion project at Munroe Regional Medical Center (MRMC) will soon be under way.

    The approximately $10 million project will include three full service operating rooms, which will primarily be used for orthopedic and general surgeries, a 20-bay post anesthesia care unit and an expanded surgical waiting area.

    On Monday, more than a dozen people, including MRMC president and CEO Steve Purves, director of the Munroe Foundation, Beth McCall, and House of Representatives speaker of the House, Larry Cretul, participated in the groundbreaking ceremony.