Today's News

  • Be prepared, the July craft show is next month

    The Christmas in July Craft Show will be Saturday, July 11, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cherrywood crafters participating this year are: Dorothy Pickett, silk flowers; Jackie and Larry George, nylon mesh flowers; Edna Fazio and Aprile Guglielmi, jewelry; Stevie Pickrell, sewing, knitted and crocheted items; Barbara Buehler, painted gourds; Nestor Garcia, jewelry and Lorraine Garcia, baskets.

  • Where’s Dale Carnegie when we need him?

    President Obama inherited failures that were monumental. The blood of thousands of our men and women was shed for lies and geld. The President has some of the best minds at work to get us out of the trillions of dollars in debt that the seven-year war in Iraq has cost; a country invaded on a lie. Polite words for torture do not fool anyone. The lawyers, who gave their opinion on (rendition?) that ‘enhanced interrogation’ was legal, should be disbarred. Hopefully we have moved on from the fear-mongering ditto-heads of the past and are trying to mend the mistakes that were made.

  • Grading Congress members online

    “They work for you. Remind them,” is the motto of a new Web site that allows users to grade members of Congress.

    The site, GradeGov.com, allows the public to get more involved with the people representing them in Washington. Elizabeth Letchworth, owner of GradeGov.com, said she came up with the idea about four years ago, after working in the United States Senate for 26 years. She felt the public was disconnected from their representatives in Congress, which she said is an issue that is getting worse.

  • Meditation helps release attachment to negative influences

    Is it not by grace that we even wake up each morning? When we acknowledge this daily miracle with gratitude, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. We are inspired — in spirit — life breathed into us. What a gift!

    I am grateful to my teachers, who have been equally inspired by that Great Source: Universal Mind, Pure Consciousness. The Tamil word for God is Kadavul, which means to go within. No coincidence there!

  • Traveling can be substantially cheaper

    We’re fortunate to have a group of volunteers who enable Marion Landing residents to travel economically. I recall a fellow traveler we shared on one trip abroad who had priced out the same itinerary, hotels, meals and transportation with a travel agent. He claimed it would have cost almost 2 1/2-times more than we paid through our Travel Committee’s efforts.

  • Abraham’s actions influence us

    He is held in high regard by followers of three world religions, and his thoughts and actions continue to influence us today. Though he was born 3,500 years ago, in an entirely different world than we experience today, nevertheless, the events and conflicts in his life have contributed to the ongoing pathos that constitutes the whole stream of human existence.

  • You have two days to stock up on donuts

    Today and tomorrow are National Donut Days, according to the Internet site, Bizarre, Crazy, Silly Unknown Holidays. I was out early and got mine at the nearest donut shop. While there, I heard some donut tales and, of course, stories about what donuts always attract – police.

    No Dough

  • An update on that tapping bluebird Crash

    Just down the road apiece our good friend and next-door neighbor, Charlotte DuChossois, submitted the following update on Crash, the bluebird, for those who may be slightly curious.

    It’s been five to six weeks since he first tapped his beak on our window. He is very persistent and continues to visit us every day, throughout the entire day. I now believe he considers himself our extended family.

  • Contest on to name new park

    Creative thinking people are invited to dream up a name for the new county park in the State Road 200 area.

    Those suggested names should be entered in the “Name New Park” Contest offered by the Marion County Parks and Recreation Dept, either via a ballot in this issue of the South Marion Citizen or through the county’s Web site, www.marioncountyfl.org/Parks.htm

  • Favorite photos will be judged, displayed

    The June 8 meeting will be at 7 p.m. in the Orchid Club. Following a brief business meeting, the election of 2009-10 board members will be included. Nominations will be accepted from the floor prior to voting. Submitted entries for the Year-End Photo Competition will be shown and awards presented. Members will also be able to vote for their favorite photo for a special People’s Choice Award. As an added bonus this year, all submitted entries will be on display at the Oak Run Donut Drop-In on June 13 (8 to 10 a.m. in the Orchid Club).