Today's News

  • Democratic Club will work on activity plan

    The Cherrywood Democratic Club will have its next meeting on Friday, June 19, at 2 p.m. in the clubhouse cardroom.

    Refreshments will be served.

  • Some people are choosing ‘staycations’ or ‘nocations’

    There are vacations that workers and retirees took on a regular basis. Now, with the economy, ‘staycations’ came into fashion for some. The car/airplane expenses and the hotel/motel ones are gone. Instead, home is the base. Activities are scheduled in the area or not too far from home.

    As the economy worsens, ‘nocations’ are becoming popular. Some workers can’t afford to take any time off. They just want to keep getting paid, especially now when many companies are reducing salaries in place of giving raises.

  • Too much debt, too many checks

    As indicated last week, today, you’ll find some additional pieces for the puzzle of what the current arrogant administration is achieving in their efforts to destroy our America. Simply put, America is staggering under the weight of trade deficits, too much domestic debt and a Congress and a White House that is continuing to write checks on the public’s checkbook.

  • The Four Horseman of the Republican Apocalypse

    After the huge tax cuts for the wealthy by Reagan, they became much richer while most workers lost income. The so-called filter-down and ‘voodoo economics’ along with huge deficits added more to the national debt than all previous presidents combined. It created a false economy, which Bush Junior revived, in order to outdo his hero, once again creating more national debt than all previous presidents combined, and enriching the wealthy with even larger tax cuts.

  • A lock box full of dusty promises

    Some wag observed recently that the way we’re running the federal budget, in a few years all we’ll be able to afford is a nation of senior citizens on Social Security, protected by the best army and navy in history. Not funny.

    President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act (SS) in 1935. The program required payment of one cent per dollar up to a maximum contribution of $30 each for employee and employer. The first benefit recipient started to receive a monthly check of $22.54 in 1940.

  • Just what is Reconstructionist Judaism?

    While most people have heard of Orthodox, Conservative or Reform Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism draws a complete blank.

    It is not exactly a household word but its beliefs and practices have found their way into the other branches of Judaism with most Jews not realizing where these ideas have come from.

  • Op-Ed cartoon - June 5, 2009

    If swimming is slimming, why are whales fat?

  • At OTOW: Knowing the vital signs

    What are the signs of a heart attack or stroke? What can a bystander do if someone is having a medical emergency?

    Joel Matthias, EMS captain of Marion County Fire Rescue, answered those questions and more during a recent talk at On Top of the World, as part of National EMS Week. He also gave residents some tips about what to do when an emergency occurs.

  • Republicrats can find a problem for every solution

    Republicans went from riding high in 2000 to walking home from the 2008 election with holes in their souls. They can’t blame the economy for their misfortunes. They had the power and they made the mess.

    Project GOP renewal is under way on several fronts. The Republican National Committee (RNC) appointed former Maryland Lieutenant Governor and TV tough guy Michael Steele, to be its new chairperson.

  • Letters to the Editor - June 5, 2009

    Not the way

    to fix the budget

    I read in the paper recently that the State of Florida’s budget reveals a broken system in establishing their expenditures for the year. The way that the Florida State legislature is trying to fix our budget shortfall is like a doctor arriving at a train wreck with a single bandage.