Today's News

  • It is the season to prepare for hurricanes

    We are in the historically most active months of the Hurricane season. I thought it may be a good time to mention some tips to prepare for the possibility of a hurricane. This can be considered a refresher for you hurricane veterans and a chance for our newcomers to learn about how to prepare. For a more detailed list of preparations and further information please visit our Web site at Marionso.com

    At home you should have on hand:

    At least 1 gallon of water per day per person in the home for 2 weeks.

    Get non-perishable food and a can opener (not electric).

  • Hygiene program helping needy children

    Soap, toothpaste and shampoo are some of the simple necessities in life. But, for more than 1,500 school-aged children living in Marion County, these necessities would not be readily available if it weren’t for the Homeless-Needy Children’s Personal Hygiene program.

  • And you just can’t forget about the lawyers

    The attraction that police have for donuts was mentioned in last week’s Pun Alley. Since then, I discovered that they don’t like this association and now fear they are watching my driving to catch me at something. So, I felt I should consult a lawyer for advice.

    I met someone who looked like an attorney, so I asked him, “Are you a lawyer?”

    He answered, “Yes, I am.”

    I then asked, “What do you charge?”

    The lawyer answered, “$450 for four questions.”

  • Financial planning - helping you see the big picture

    Do you picture yourself owning a new home, starting a business, or retiring comfortably? These are a few of the financial goals that may be important to you, and each comes with a cost. That’s where financial planning comes in. Financial planning is a process that can help you reach your goals by evaluating your whole financial picture, then outlining strategies that are tailored to your individual needs and available resources.

  • Plant taken from store

    Blaise Bonaventure figures the thieves who made off with a plant from in front of his B-Healthy store in the Friendship Center knew what they were doing.

    Sometime between the close of business Saturday, June 6, and Monday morning, June 8, someone took off with a 6- to 7-foot schefflera plant. The plant was estimated to weigh  35 to 45 pounds.

    The plant had graced the store for about 19 years and many of those years outside.

  • Stacks of colorful scarves, afghans and hats line the tables of the Pine Run room — and each had a purpose.

    The mission of the newly formed Knit and Crochet Group of Pine Run is to help needy children. In January 2009, the eight women began sewing at the clubhouse each Tuesday. Six months later, they had made more than 100 clothing pieces.

  • Be a local hero: Donate blood

    One observance that took place last Sunday passed with very little fanfare. Of course it was Flag Day and the merciful end to the marathon NBA season, but it was also a day for some very local heroes.

    Sunday, June 14, 2009 was the celebration of World Blood Donor Day and the heroes who save lives every day. Millions of people owe their lives to people they will never meet — people who donate their blood freely and without any reward.

  • OTOW: Crusie over to the education center for a class

    There is talk about making “blue” as popular as “green.” For the past few years, there has been much talk about global warming and how it has and will continue to affect our quality of life.  Al Gore has helped tremendously in getting the word out.  We all have to do our part.

  • Hit the trail at Happy Acres

    Down a dirt road in Dunnellon, lies a 40-acre farm once intended to be a private retreat – a retirement home. But now after numerous requests, Happy Acres Ranch has opened to the public.

    James Moore and his wife, Eileen, bought Happy Acres in 2005. After the construction industry began to slow in Port St. Lucie, the couple decided to move to Marion County. The father of seven is the president of Moore and Coates Construction and has been building houses since 1966.

  • Cretul talks stimulus plan, reductions

    State Rep. Larry Cretul (District 22) discussed the current issues facing the State of Florida at this month’s S.R. 200 Coalition meeting.

    The speaker of the House, who has an office on the Corridor, talked about the budget and ways to save money, the increased tobacco tax, President Obama’s stimulus package and Senate Bill 360.