Today's News

  • New businesses on Corridor

    Over the next few months, some new businesses will be popping up along the 200 Corridor.

    Trent Comer, marketing director for the Market Street at Heath Brook, said business has picked up in the last few weeks and the open-air mall has recently signed a “ton” of tenants including restaurants and clothing stores. Though he cannot unveil the six to eight new businesses just yet, he plans to in the next few weeks.

  • Joyful Hands donating quilts

    Once again the members of Joyful Hands at Joy Lutheran Church responded to Legacy House by creating and donating a number of quilts. Legacy House has shown such appre-ciation for these quilts, in the past, that the ladies of Joy are pleased to be able to provide their creative work. Unlike the traditional plain institutional bedding, these quilts provide a colorful, bright addition to the beds at Legacy House.

    Fortunately for the women at Joy they recently received a donation of quilt tops from a lady in the community.

  • Songbirds fly away for the summer, return in September

    The Cherrywood Songbirds have completed their performances for the 2008/09 winter and spring seasons. We have enjoyed entertaining at nursing homes, churches, at our own Cherrywood programs, and in other communities for the past 5 years. Last year we were invited to entertain at Silver Springs Park for Memorial Day. Our most recent ap-pearance was for a concert at Joy Lutheran Church to help raise funds to purchase shoes for homeless children of Marion County. This was our third year of participating in this very worthwhile event.

  • Let’s take a closer look down the road of wedded bliss

    June is the traditional month for weddings; there is no other more romantic month. Countless couples have finished their wedding preparations and have walked down the aisle or are close to it. Last year, Pun Alley took us down the path of courtship and weddings. This year, it’s time to go further down that path and look at married life awaiting the newlyweds a year or so later.

    The Honeymoon’s Over

  • Getting a ‘reverse’ 9-1-1 call

    People are urged to call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency. But, what if law enforcement called you during a crisis?

    The Marion County Sheriff’s Office reverse 9-1-1 or GeoCast system does exactly that. The program, which has been available in the county for several years, alerts residents in the area of an emergency.

  • Medical evolution: Robotic surgery arrives

    The da Vinci Surgical System brings high-tech medicine to doctors’ fingertips.

    Dr. Harvey Taub, a urologist at Associates for Urology Care, was the first surgeon to use the five-armed robot more than four years ago at Munroe Regional Medical Center.

    He recently gave a talk about the machine at Central Florida Community College. Residents listened as he explained the types of procedures the machine can be used for and its benefits.

  • The dreaded “National Health Care” issue is upon us

    Will we Americans continue to have a largely free market- oriented health care system or a government run system where politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. make the most fundamental decisions about how we enter life, how we leave it and how we are cared for when we are ill?

  • Parents should use teen driving Web site

    Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death and serious injury for young people in America – and with summer upon us, more teens than ever are operating motor vehicles on our highways.

    In response, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has taken a laudable step and launched a parents’ section on its teen driving Web site at www.flhsmv.gov/teens.

    The new and improved site provides parents with useful information to help them teach their teens to become safe drivers.

  • Health care for all ages

    Health care is and should always be a human right. It’s time the American people received factual information about the realities of health care and not the deceit and corruption pervasive in our current system; read “The Commies are coming – The Commies are coming.” This is the right of any citizen of the world – and no, it’s not expected to be free. How could it be?

  • Pun Alley: Reasons to laugh all the way to the bank

    In the 1930s, Will Rogers’ talents as a comedian, humorist, and social commentator gave a generation of people some laughs during the great depression.  Many of his comments still apply today, such as, “The banker, the lawyer, and the politican are still our best bets for a laugh.  Audiences haven’t changed at all – and neither have the three above professions.”

    Recent news about banks, bank bailouts, and bankers takes us to Pun Alley banks.

    Ah So!