Today's News

  • If you aren’t already, you could be a ‘locavore’

    The food being sold at our Farmers Market is locally grown. A new term has been coined – “locavore.” It describes consumers who want the freshness and sense of community that comes from eating their locally-grown products.

    The local food movement represents small-scale production centered in a place. Large corporations peddling their stuff are the exact opposite.

  • Palm Cay resident is bicycling for enjoyment

    With the warm summer season upon us, I’ve noticed more and more people enjoying bicycling just after the morning sunrise. I too enjoy riding five or six times a week at a relaxed 30- to 50-mile ride. On any given Saturday morning, it is just what my body needs to make up for the movie and pizza the evening before.

    If you are a bicycling enthusiast as I am, and you are not taking time to visit one of the few ‘paved’ central Florida trails, you are missing a wonderful experience.

    Let me introduce to you just a few of these trails.

  • Give your money more clout

    The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 allows qualified motor vehicle taxes paid or accrued within the taxable year to be deducted as an itemized deduction, or as part of the standard deduction.

  • String of burglaries reported

    Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to investigate a string of burglaries, most of unlocked vehicles, during the past week.

    3 On June 10, a resident of S.W.116th Place noticed a friend’s motorcycle trailer was gone from his backyard, according to a sheriff’s report. The 2002 trailer was valued at $900.

  • Bedazzled by beads

    Diane Dzik, of On Top of the World, can’t remember her first fascination with beads, but it may have started in the “hippie” days of the ‘60s.

    From then on, she was always searching the jewelry boxes of family and friends or going to estate sales or finding the few bead stores that were around at the time.

    About 1997, she decided the challenge of seed bead weaving was exactly that! The appeal of these small jewels has not changed over the years.

  • Scrub-a-dub-dub, all three in the tub

    Whenever politicians or talk show performers bloviate about the free-market economy, free-market capitalism, and free trade, it’s difficult to suppress the barf reflux. Large servings of BS (baloney stuffing) have that effect.

    Free-market evangelizing is power politics dressed up in patriotic terms intended to disguise government connivance in every aspect of our economy.

    The first free-market fast talk happened in America when Peter Minuit purchased Manhattan Island from the Canarsee natives for twenty bucks worth of Dutch-Mart costume jewelry.

  • New businesses on Corridor

    Over the next few months, some new businesses will be popping up along the 200 Corridor.

    Trent Comer, marketing director for the Market Street at Heath Brook, said business has picked up in the last few weeks and the open-air mall has recently signed a “ton” of tenants including restaurants and clothing stores. Though he cannot unveil the six to eight new businesses just yet, he plans to in the next few weeks.

  • Joyful Hands donating quilts

    Once again the members of Joyful Hands at Joy Lutheran Church responded to Legacy House by creating and donating a number of quilts. Legacy House has shown such appre-ciation for these quilts, in the past, that the ladies of Joy are pleased to be able to provide their creative work. Unlike the traditional plain institutional bedding, these quilts provide a colorful, bright addition to the beds at Legacy House.

    Fortunately for the women at Joy they recently received a donation of quilt tops from a lady in the community.

  • Songbirds fly away for the summer, return in September

    The Cherrywood Songbirds have completed their performances for the 2008/09 winter and spring seasons. We have enjoyed entertaining at nursing homes, churches, at our own Cherrywood programs, and in other communities for the past 5 years. Last year we were invited to entertain at Silver Springs Park for Memorial Day. Our most recent ap-pearance was for a concert at Joy Lutheran Church to help raise funds to purchase shoes for homeless children of Marion County. This was our third year of participating in this very worthwhile event.

  • Let’s take a closer look down the road of wedded bliss

    June is the traditional month for weddings; there is no other more romantic month. Countless couples have finished their wedding preparations and have walked down the aisle or are close to it. Last year, Pun Alley took us down the path of courtship and weddings. This year, it’s time to go further down that path and look at married life awaiting the newlyweds a year or so later.

    The Honeymoon’s Over