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  • Pun Alley 09-01-2017

    By Dick Frank

    Labor Day was first celebrated in New York City in 1882 when the Central Labor Union held its first parade to show the spirit of its trade and labor groups. Now Labor Day is largely a time for family togetherness and relaxation with cookouts, barbecues, and leisure activities. The holiday also signals the unofficial end of the summer season.

  • Robert Lee: No, not that one

    The debate over removing everything from our culture that can be linked to the Confederacy has reached a new ridiculousness.

    In a move designed to avoid controversy, supposedly approved by the subject, announcer Robert Lee was switched off the University of Virginia football game this weekend because of his name, similar to the military leader of the Confederacy. The university is in Charlottesville, site of recent clashes between demonstrators. Instead, he’ll do the ESPN game in Pittsburgh.

  • Convenience store clerk’s job used to be a relaxing one

    Some years ago, I was between newspaper jobs (it’s a long story) and I was working as a convenience store clerk in a beach community.

    It was a busy store (location, location, location) so there were always at least two of us on duty at all times. We were open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., so two shifts of eight hours each took care of it.

  • OTOW news 09-01-2017

    Encore Collaborative Theater Club

    In 2016 a clever duo, Sharon “Squirt” Spivey James and June Osteen, wrote a script for a play with the Golden Girls moving to The Villages. After five sold out performances in their community, they agreed to allow Encore to collaborate their script and perform their rendition in OTOW. Thus, the name change to The Golden Girls Move to On Top of the World.

  • Cherrywood 09-01-2017

    By John Everlove

    On Tuesday, Aug. 22 Cherrywood held its annual Norm Pellerin Memorial Nine Ball Tournament. For a record fifth time, Larry Murray immerged as the winner. For the second time in history, he has won back to back; winning two years in a row.

    The competition was rugged this year with 17 entrants including our players from the Ladies Traveling Team. Holly Bragdon was the first lady to make it to the finals finishing in second place. Mick James finished third.

  • Oak Run news 09-01-2017

    By Laura Smith

  • Out to Pastor 08-25-2017

    By Rev. James Snyder

    I have just celebrated my birthday, my wife’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. I am not sure how old I am or how long we have been married and I won’t even go to my wife’s age. I’m old enough to know better.

    I have long past the idea of candles on my birthday cake representing one candle per year. The fire department will not give us a permit to do that.

  • Pun Alley 08-25-2017

    Today is World Daffodil Day. While primarily celebrated in Australia to raise funds for their Cancer Council’s research, prevention programs, and support for those affected by cancer. It’s a great idea for us too! Your contributions can be sent to the American Cancer Society.* Most of Pun Alley’s flowers have been washed out by the rain, but there are a few flowery tales to start with.

    Chickened out

  • Oak Run news 08-25-2017

    By Laura Smith

  • Marion Landing 08-25-2017

    By Diane Bress