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  • Woods warns seniors of cybercrimes

    Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods spoke of cybercrimes and two proposed constitutional amendments on the November ballot during the SR 200 Coalition meeting Monday, Sept. 10, at TimberRidge Building 5000.

    He said criminals frequently change schemes. They realize one thing isn’t working, then move onto something else.

  • 13 proposed constitutional amendments

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This story will continue over a period of weeks due to space constraints. This week is an overview of the 13 proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution.



    Former Marion County Commissioner Judy Johnson presented pros and cons of the 13 constitutional amendments on the Nov. 6 General Election Ballot to the Friday Forum, Friday, Sept. 14.

  • MCSO solves 30-year-old murder

    MCSO Media


    Press release

    Marion County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes detectives have closed the missing person case of Sherry Yon Petersen, Feb. 22, 1950, who was last seen on Christmas Eve, 1992.

  • Accused killer is arrested; victims' body dismembered

    MCSO Media Relations

    Press Release

    Marion County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes detectives have arrested Christopher Lee Takhvar, 45, for the murder of Belleview resident Robin Lee Upson, 63.

    The investigation began when Robin’s dismembered and decapitated remains were located in the Ocala National Forest in June. After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that Takhvar, Robin’s business partner and friend of approximately 20 years, had murdered her, then dismembered and disposed of her body.

  • Temple B’nai Darom nears fall completion

    Temple B’nai Darom was founded in 1888 by the United Hebrews of Ocala and had its beginning on NE Second Street.  In 1976 B’nai Darom (which translates to “Children of the South”) relocated to Banyan Course. Demographics indicate that growth of the Jewish community is in the SW 200 corridor and so the Board of Temple B’nai Darom, with mixed emotions, made the decision that to grow and thrive, it too should move to the SW 200 area, where many of its members now reside.

  • Amendments are topics at Friday Forum, SR 200 Coalition

    Former County Commissioner Judy Johnson will speak Monday, Sept. 10, at the SR 200 Coalition meeting and Friday, Sept. 14, at Friday Forum on the pros and cons of proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution on the November ballot. Numbers have varied drastically from 64 down to the current 13 of which three are still under court appeal.

  • FDOT scraps Coastal Connector

    After a torrent of backlash from citizens and public officials about its plan for the “Coastal Connector,” the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) informed public officials and citizens it is abandoning its plans for the Coastal Connector alternative study and instead focus on direct improvements to Interstate 75, according to Mike Dew, secretary of FDOT in a letter issued local officials released to the public last Friday.

  • Circle Square Commons Farmer's Market

     The Circle Square Commons Farmer’s Market provides healthy, fresh, seasonal local produce and other assorted products to residents and visitors, bridging the gap between consumers and farmers.

    April Norris of Red Wagon Produce holds colorful bell peppers in her hand. The photos of the other fruits and vegetables are also from Red Wagon Produce.

    Annie Smith of Granny Squirrel Soap holds handmade soap she creates.

  • OTOW Lions attend 1st District meeting
  • My military career

    One thing about being in the military is that when there is nothing else to write about, there is always the Navy.