Public Records

  • Marion County Sheriff's reports

    A New York man was arrested and accused of aggravated assault and criminal mischief after he allegedly chased after another man with a machete.

    When the victim got into his van, the suspect hit the van with his knife.

    Jose A. Payano, 49, of Central Islip, N.Y., allegedly chased after a man who was visiting a woman on Southwest 47th Avenue.

  • Marion County Sheriff's Reports

    Two people were arrested on DUI charges after incidents on local roads

    Lydia Martin, 45, of Southwest 57th Court Road, was accused of DUI after she was stopped when the Sheriff’s Office received a complaint of a woman acting “loud and disorderly” and getting into a car with a juvenile on 60th Avenue at State Road 200.

    After she allegedly failed the field sobriety test, she was taken to jail where her breath scores were .416, .388 and .390, about five times the legal limit.

    The juvenile was released to a neighbor.

  • Marion County Sheriff's reports

    An Ocala man was arrested after he allegedly attacked a former girlfriend in her home and stole her cell phone.

    A deputy responded to the home on Southwest 55th Avenue because of an open phone line to 911. The calltaker advised they could hear a disturbance in the background.

    The victim told the deputy that Kenneth James Purter, 42, had accused her of talking to other men. The couple broke up a couple of months ago.

  • Marion County Sheriff's reports

    A local woman who went to a man's house after an encounter in a local bar was accused of auto theft after she allegedly took his car and went to Jacksonville to buy drugs.

    Jennifer Anne Turner, 47, of Southwest 139th Street, reportedly went to the home of the victim after they met at Our Place Saloon. The man went out back briefly, and when he came back the woman and his girlfriend's car were gone.

    The girlfriend was being treated at a hospital in South Florida and was not home at the time.

  • Fire damages building at college

    Firefighters battled a blaze at the Aquatic Center at the College of Central Florida Tuesday night.

    The building was damaged by the flames and smoke.

    Public safety officers at the school notified the fire department at 9:03 p.m. and firefighters responded one minute later, finding approximately 30 percent of the building involved in fire. Firefighters quickly brought the fire under control, although much of the building was damaged by smoke.

  • Marion County Sheriff's reports

    On Monday, Oct. 25, local drug agents were contacted by a confidential source regarding two suspects selling marijuana and prescription drugs. Agents set up an undercover buy between the source and the suspects for 100 pills of Hydrocodone and marijuana. On Tuesday, Oct. 26, agents observed the transaction take place and immediately conducted a traffic stop on suspects Tammy Proulx and Crystal Harper.

  • Attempted homicide arrest made in Pine Run

    An Ocala man was arrested and charged with attempted homicide and felony criminal mischief after an incident shortly after midnight on Oct. 14 in Pine Run.

    Julio Cesar Campos, 44, of Southwest 107th Street, was jailed on no bond.

    According to the report from the Sheriff’s Office, Campos had met a former girlfriend and had gone to her residence. She said they went there to talk.

  • Marion County Sheriff's reports

    A man was arrested Saturday, Oct. 16, after an armed robbery with a knife in the Walmart parking lot.

    According to the Sheriff’s Office, Ronald Edward Joyner of Southwest 38th Avenue was accused of robbery with a knife.

    According to the report, the man approached a woman and put a knife to her face, demanding her purse. He then drove off in an SUV.

    The Ocala Police Department saw the vehicle driving without a headlight and conducted a traffic stop in the 5700 block of State Road 200.

    Eyewitnesses identified Joyner as the robber, and he was jailed.

  • Marion County Sheriff's reports

    Three drivers who refused to take breath tests were charged with DUI in recent incidents reported by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Southwest District.

    On Oct. 9 at 7:42 p.m., a deputy stopped Bruce James Weaver, 55, of Austin, Texas, on Southwest 80th Avenue because his vehicle failed to stay in a single lane. After allegedly failing the field sobriety tests, Weaver refused to supply a breath sample and was arrested.

  • Marion County Sheriff's reports

    On Sept. 21, deputies were called to Southwest 45th Avenue for a report of a man walking through the neighborhood as if he were active military.

    During the investigation, a deputy was in the garage of Althea Alisha Grant, 34, and, according to the report, saw a marijuana cigarette in plain view on a Scrabble box. The report says the woman was asked if she had any more and she produced marijuana seeds and stems from her bedroom.

    She was given a notice to appear on the misdemeanor charge.