• Marion County Law Enforcement Reports 08-12-2011

    An Ocala man died the afternoon of Aug. 3 when his car hit a tree at the parking lot of Freedom Public Library, 5870 S.W. 95th St. Early reports gave an incorrect address for the accident.
    Ed Casey, 82, wasdriving westbound in the lot and drove off the west end of the lot and struck a tree. He was pronounced dead at West Marion Community Hospital.

  • Marion County Sheriff's Reports 08-05-2011

    A 21-year-old southwest Ocala man was accused of armed residential burglary and petit theft after being caught at a residence on State Road 200.
    Todd K. Drury, of Southwest 76th Avenue, told deputies he was just going into the house to feed the dogs.
    According to the report, Drury was spotted at the yard next door, standing near a storage shed. After he was told to leave, the resident called 9-1-1. When deputies responded, they saw Drury at the house next door, carrying an axe.

  • Marion County Sheriff's Reports 07-29-2011

    The Southwest District of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office announced two DUI arrests this past week.

    Thomas W. Hearon, 27, of Southwest 129th Terrace Road, Dunnellon, was accused of DUI after being stopped on County Road 484 as he attempted to pull one truck in front of another. He told deputies that he had crashed the first truck into a tree, and called a relative who brought the second truck. He was trying to get in front of the original truck when he was spotted by the deputy.

  • Suspect caught in store burglary

    A suspect was arrested after he apparently smashed in a door and stole some purses at Second Chance Consignment Shop, 6125 S.W. State Road 200, on July 14.
    Clarence A. Williams, 48, was accused of commercial burglary and theft.

  • Marion County Sheriff's Reports 07-01-2011

    A check of a vehicle in a closed park resulted in the arrest of a 19-year-old and the discovery of a stolen weapon.

    On June 21, after hours when Liberty Park was closed, deputies observed a couple sitting in the back seat of a vehicle. One deputy made contact with the man and asked for ID and registration, and the man got out of the car. He reached into the car to get the registration from the glove box, but appeared to be trying to hide something in the door pocket of the driver’s door, according to the report.

  • Marion County Sheriff's Reports 06-24-2011

    A 47-year old man was arrested for residential burglary and petit theft after he was found in an unoccupied house.

    Eugene Bradford Weir was discovered hiding in a bathroom in a house owned by Live Oak Stud Farm on Southwest 31st Street by the farm’s property manager, who called deputies. The suspect told the manager that he was homeless and needed a place to sleep. The manager was checking residences because of a burglary at another location.

  • Marion County Sheriff's Reports 06-10-2011

    An employee of a carpet cleaning company was accused of felony commercial dumping after he was arrested on June 3.

  • Marion County Sheriff's Reports 05-20-2011

    An Ocala woman was arrested for felony retail theft on May 10 after she allegedly stole several items from Winn-Dixie in Friendship Center.

    Janice Ponder, 46, of Northwest 22nd Avenue, allegedly took some Winn-Dixie bags into the store and filled them with items from the shelves. When she checked out, she only paid for some potato chips.

    The total value of items she did not pay for came to $281.77, and included two 18 packs of beer, five steaks, three ribs, three packs of bacon, laundry soap, disposable diapers, toilet tissue and a bag of dog food.

  • Marion County Sheriff's Reports 04-15-2011

    A Southwest Ocala couple was accused of cultivating marijuana in a house on 60th Avenue..

    Arrested were David Tracy Richmond, 53, of 6401 S.W. 60th Ave., and Patricia Ellen Richmond, 43, of the same address were jailed by deputies on April 6. David was accused of cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. Patricia was accused of tampering with evidence and possession of drug paraphernalia.

  • Marion County Sheriff's Reports 04-08-2011

    A 26-year-old woman from Florida Highlands was accused of child neglect after an incident in which she told a deputy she “forgot” that she was supposed to be watching a 5-year-old.

    Stephanie Denise Layne, of Southwest 155th Street, was arrested on April 1 after deputies were called to a neighbor’s house just before noon.

    The neighbor said the 5-year-old boy came up to his house crying, because he did not know where his family was. He had been asleep and woke up, finding no one at home.