Local News

  • Education, fun at Safety Fair

    Summer is right around the corner.

    And, to get parents and children prepared for it, the 2nd Annual Kids Summer Safety Fair is set for May 30.

    The event, sponsored by Single Parent 2 Single Parent, Marion County Children’s Alliance and Safe Kids of Marion County, gives families an opportunity to learn about local summer programs and safety tips.

    In addition, the free event will give parents and children the opportunity to learn through different interactive safety demonstrations like a children’s self-defense class by Martial Arts World.

  • Riding for Hospice

    Though he is a doctor, no one is taught to know what to expect when a family member has a terminal illness, said Dr. Peter Polack. But, Hope Hospice was there to help.

    Ocala Eye’s, Dr. Michael Morris, and James Tomlinson, marketing director, came up with the idea to have a bicycling event in memory of the late, Dr. Frank Polack, who is Peter’s father. To give back to Hospice, who cared for the eye doctor, Ocala Eye is hosting the 2nd Annual Frank Polack Memorial Ride, which will be May 31.

  • School board member talks budget

    Budget cuts and stimulus funds were hot topics at this month’s S.R. 200 Coalition meeting as Marion County School Board member Jackie Porter took to the floor.

    The newly elected Porter discussed some of the challenges the district will face in the upcoming school year – like supplemental pay for teachers. Porter said School Supt. Jim Yancey had the extra money for teachers on the budgetary “hit” list.

  • Decorating for Mom

    “I’m sure she’ll like this cake,” said second grader Alex Hardy.

    Hardy, along with about 200 other students from Hammett Bowen Jr. Elementary School, participated in the Mother’s Day Publix Cake Decorating Day.

    “The kids love to do this,” said Robert Vadney, bakery manager at the Canopy Oaks Publix.

    The students headed to the art room to decorate the cakes, which were in the shape of a heart. The wide-eyed students anxiously listened to the directions given by bakery staff and awaited the decorating process.

  • West Marion BusinessAssociation

    There will be an Open House/Business Mixer at Dr. Harter’s office, at 8615 S.W. 103rd Rd., Ocala (next to Big Lots) on Friday, May 15 from 1 to 4 p.m.

    The event is open to the public. There will be refreshments and door prizes given away throughout the afternoon.


  • Discussing breast cancer

    One in eight women who live until the age of 90 will have had breast cancer at some time in their life. One out of 300 women in their thirties will develop breast cancer.

    These types of statistics were part of a recent presentation about breast cancer. Dr. Nazanin Khakpour, assistant member of the comprehensive breast division at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, was the guest speaker at the Shop Talk series sponsored by Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research, Inc.

  • He’s more than Out to Pastor

    Preacher or author – it seems the Rev. James Snyder can be both.

    As a teen, he wanted to be a writer but he also wanted to serve the Lord. “I thought I had to choose one or the other,” he said. However, the more he learned of the life of A.W. Tozer, the more he realized he could be both.

  • Corridor getting new 40-acre park

    It’s official. The 200 Corridor will get a new 40-acre park, but when it will be open to visitors is unknown.

    Pat Gabriel, president of Parks and Recreation Advisory Council (PRAC), said it would be more than a year before the design plans for the property get under way. “It takes awhile,” she said to get a park “online.” The design process has been budgeted for October 2010.

  • Students move beyond the classroom

    How does one properly pour tea during the very beautiful and formal Chinese tea ceremony and why is it important in their culture?

    What is the significance of the colors red, black and gold that are so widely used in Asian decorations and culture. Likewise, why bamboo?

    Why is there so much art involved in the preparation of Asian cuisine?

  • Joining the fight

    Although those walking the first lap at Friday evening’s Relay for Life at West Port High School wore the same dark purple T-shirt saying they were cancer survivors, each person’s story was different.

    It was 1987 when Odin Olson, On Top of the World, first learned he had lymphoma. Chemotherapy was necessary. He has had several relapses in the past but now he is in remission.

    Duane Ulery moved to Oak Run two weeks ago. As he walked the first lap, his wife Janet snapped photos of her husband with the plan to send them to back to his doctor in Ohio.