• The Oasis will be a place to take a trip down memory lane, Saturday, April 18.  The Alter Egos present fun, memorable music, good food, 50/50 and a movie ticket drawing all for a donation of $2.  Wow!  Meet your neighbors for a fun-filled evening.

    Pancakes at the Oasis

  • Showcase of the Stars free musical is tomorrow

    The talented performers of Showcase of the Stars will give their next musical presentation tomorrow, Saturday, April 11, at 7 p.m. If you have no entertainment money left after paying your taxes, go on over to Palm Grove for an evening of free musical selections and, who knows, you may win one of the door prizes. 50/50 is also available.

    Photography Club

  • Neighbors turn out to support scholarship fundraiser

    Spruce Creek Preserve neighbors – some 250 of them – came together recently to celebrate the spirit of the community and to raise funds for the Frank Pisillo Scholarship Fund. 

    Frank, the beloved chorus director for the community who died in September 2005, lives on in the strength of the Chorus now under the direction of Ellen McClure. 

    The Scholarship Committee has awarded six students funds for the continuation of their musical careers over the last four years and will do so again this year. 

  • Speaker will offer hints for hurricane safety

    Don’t forget to attend the Oak Run Homeowners Association’s general meeting Wednesday, April 8 at 9 a.m. in the Orchid Club. Captain Chip Wildy of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office will speak on “Hurricane Preparedness.”

    Sometimes speakers come to Oak Run and the attendance is somewhat embarrassing. We wouldn’t like it said that Oak Runners aren’t concerned about protecting ourselves in this upcoming hurricane season.

    For more information, contact Ellen Salenger at 861-4484.

    Troubadours Spring


  • Better watch out for unsolicited contacts

    Stimulus scams are alive and flourishing. These people have all kinds of ways to increase their cash flow by taking your money. There are sites claiming to help people qualify for the money or grants you can apply for.

    Another way they’re trying to fill their pockets is by trying to get people to buy into a financial service they probably don’t need. They phone or e-mail unsuspecting people asking for information regarding your bank account, credit cards, or other personal information.

  • High heels and high energy describe Gretta

    Just down the road apiece this writer is still reeling from an afternoon chat with Preservist Gretta Rodriques - what a remarkable gal! And what a glamorous life!

    A recent phone call from Preservist Ellen McClure prompted this writer to seek an interview with Gretta for the “Getting to Know All about You” segment of this week’s Preserve column in the South Marion Citizen.

    Like the trouper she’s always been, Gretta readily agreed to share some of the details regarding her exciting “curtain call” background.

  • Lin Hart has enjoyed a life of volunteerism and art

    Just down the road apiece the Spruce Creek Preserve “Getting to Know All About You” segment features well-known Preservist, Mrs. Lin Hart.

    Eleanor Lynwood Byers Hart, a lover of art and Girl Scouting, was born in Rochester, New York.

    Lin graduated from college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree for Ceramic Design 1952, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

  • Crazy Quilters have fun with charity work

    The Crazy Quilters are delighted to be the featured club of this week’s column. They are a small group but always interested in new people joining these Crazy ladies.

    Their last project was making knee pillows for cancer patients and donating them to The Legacy House. Sandy Barsky is the chairperson and she works very hard to come up with new things to make. They have made many charity projects as well as quilted balls, star trivets and handbags. They had a visiting instructor teaching them to make a sampler quilt and machine appliqués.

  • Put on your boots and try country dancing

    Put on your dancing shoes, bring snacks and drinks. Spend time with your neighbors and friends! Join us at our Cherrywood Country Music Dance from 7 to 10 p.m. on April 18. Admission is free.

    Call Geri at 237-1675 for more information.

    Cherrywood Estates

    community yard sale

    There will be a community garage sale from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, April 25. Organizers have requested that sale items be kept in garages until the morning of the sale.

    Christmas in July

    Craft show

  • Don’t forget to deposit nice eggs in basket for soldiers

    Here’s hoping you are hopping by to put Easter eggs in our soldiers’ basket. We are sending out many boxes filled with items you have recently donated. I’m trying hard to keep up with the soldiers being deployed form Iraq to Afghanistan. I have lost contact with Shirley Ricon and hope she will email her new address.