• Psychology of the scam was meeting topic

    On April 23, a discussion on The Psychology of the Scam, was given by Kevin Lezian and Jonathan E. Grabe of Comprehensive Financial LLC. It’s a registered investment firm. At no time did the presenters try to sell anything. They spent the hour giving good general information. Many asked personal questions which were answered fully.

    All the “students” were given a folder filled with information and a pen to jot down additional information.  The impression is that gullible, not too bright and uninformed people are those most susceptible to scams. Not true!

  • Diabetes support group has variety of topics at meeting

    The diabetes support group meets the second Thursday of every month at 3 p.m. in the Orchid Club card room. The next meeting will be on May 14. A number of topics are scheduled, including things that can lead to inaccurate blood sugar readings, digestive problems for diabetics, over the counter drugs for diabetic retinopathy, funeral homes and getting to know everything about your doctor.

    Genealogy Club

  • Stay hydrated during the Florida summer

    An informative seminar on home health care and on how to stay hydrated during our hot Florida summer months will be presented at 2 p.m. May 4 at the Community Center by Carm Vue, R.N. from Comprehensive Home Care. Tips on how individuals can stay independent longer in their own home, instead of going to a nursing home for health care will be given. The seminar will also touch on dehydration, how to prevent it and what to watch for, especially in older individuals. Door prizes and dishes of ice cream will be treats.

  • Spruce Creek Preserve

    Just down the road apiece Preservist Lois Hill, vice-chairperson of the Open House Committee, submitted the following for inclusion in this week’s Preserve column in the South Marion Citizen:

    The Open House Committee recently held an “open house” for area Realtors. Twenty Realtors participated in the event. There was a delightful and delicious assortment of food and refreshment served.

  • Pursuit of happiness may include ice cream cones

    The author, Marci Shimoff, suggests that when you’re happy for no reason, you bring happiness to your outer experiences rather than trying to extract happiness from them. You live from happiness, rather than for happiness.

    Thomas Jefferson really meant by the pursuit of happiness to practice, not chase after it. Most people seem to do the latter.

    Instead of focusing on problems and obstacles, let’s focus on what’s already good. We should make a habit of appreciating and being grateful for what we do have.

    Concert on Saturday

  • Wheels enjoy thrills and chills

    Whoever said that bicycle riding cannot be fun? Palm Cays “Thrills on Wheels” bicycle group decided to park the bikes and treat themselves to some good old-fashioned ice cream Sunday evening.

    As the group of bicyclists has grown with friends from neighboring communities as well, we all decided to park the bikes and treat one another to various flavors of ice cream, and enjoy the warm breezes by the Oasis poolside.

    After the ice cream disappeared... the riders were back on their wheels and enjoyed a ride around the Palm Cay community.

  • Palm Cay artists part of painted chair fundraiser

    Our very own Palm Cay residents, Ed Giovanelli, Phyllis Kellogg, Bill Haussmann, Susan Lokken and Jean Selent have put their artistic talents to work turning ordinary chairs into works of art.

    They, as well as other artists in Marion County, are offering these beautiful chairs to be auctioned off on May 2 to benefit the Stirrups ‘n’ Strides Therapeutic Riding Center in Marion County.

  • Rosalyn Moberly is another gal worth Preserving

    Just down the road apiece many thanks are due Preservist Gerri Palmer for her recent beautiful tribute concerning the Frank Pisillo Music Scholarship Fund. 

     This week our “Getting To Know You” segment of the Preserve column features Preservist Rosalyn Moberly.

    Rosalyn was born in Blakely, Georgia. Her family moved to Mascotte, Florida, when she was in the second grade.

  • Community yard sale tomorrow morning

    The annual Cherrywood Estates Community Yard Sale is Saturday, April 25 from 8 a.m. until noon. Check out the treasures your neighbors don’t need any more that you can recycle at your house.

    Those who are selling are not supposed to put anything out until early Saturday morning, so there won’t be preview time. Just get up early and go...go…go.

    Ladies get ready for Spring fashion show

  • ‘Armed Forces Dance’ Saturday, May 16

    The Ambassadors’ “Armed Forces Dance” will be Saturday, May 16, from 7 to 11 p.m. at Palm Grove with dancing to a new group, “The Eddie Shannon Band.” Betty, Eddie amd Jean will play and sing a great variety of music – tango, waltz, cha-cha, two step, rumba, swing, polka, country and 40’s to 70’s, plus any requests you make. They will also pay tribute to the armed forces. Tickets go on sale Monday, May 4, from 8 to 10 a.m. in the card room and Tuesday, May 5, from 9 to 10 a.m. in the lobby. Cost is $5 per person with checks payable to ORHA.