• Garden Club perpetrates a cover-up

    Just down the road apiece one of our “on the corner” neighbors came home one afternoon not too long ago to discover that a huge white structure had been erected adjacent to her back yard. It seems the Marion County water department maintenance workers had built this enclosure to house the long-existing community lift station mechanism.

    Soon the Preserve Garden Club came to the rescue, armed with shovels, shrubs and water – and determined to lessen the impact of this large white box’s existence.

  • Thanks for supporting the troops

    A sincere thank you to all who contributed to ensure the Christmas 2008 party was our best ever. Volunteers for setup and cleanup enabled us all to enjoy the festivities. Plenty of delicious food, cakes, cookies, and soft drinks. Everyone had a gift from the grab bag.

    We were pleased that County Commissioner Barbara Fitos and her father, 200 Coalition President Pat Gabriel, Delphine Herbert of Marions for Peace, activities director Geri Watrouse and Frank, and Nancy Archer our writer for the South Marion Citizen were able to attend and enjoy the festivities.

  • ‘Best dressed’ songs coming to OTOW

    We all want to have as much vitality as possible despite our years. Having lost it, there are ways to reclaim it.

    It is important to nurture ourselves in quiet pursuits. Restful ways are needed to give this energy. First fatigue needs to disappear.

    Relaxation is a vital element of rejuvenation. Regular periods of rest are needed, otherwise lives are in a state of imbalance. That eventually prevents working and playing with vigor.

  • Bloodmobile coming to clubhouse

    Please come to the blood drive Thursday, Jan. 15. The Florida’s Blood Center bloodmobile will be at the Clubhouse from 7:45 a.m. to noon.

    The supply is low and the need is great. For more information, call Jackie George at 873-3609.

    Cherrywood Breakfast

    The next Cherrywood breakfast will be Saturday, Jan. 17, from 8 to 9:15 a.m. Juice, fruit cup, French toast, sausage, coffee and tea is $3 per person.

  • 'Cher' and 'Marilyn' rocked in the New Year

    Hello Readers: Palm Cay really knows how to bring in the New Year! Wow! What a party was at the Oasis. From the moment the doors opened, guests were welcomed by Ada Murowski, who assigned them an escort to their table.

    Carl Edgerton, Eric Neuberger, Charlie McAleese, and Charlie Boyle all looked smashing in white tux shirts, perfectly tied red bow ties, black trousers – and the final touch, a white linen napkin adorned the left arm. How very elegant.

  • Lean on us for medical equipment

    Dominick Viscardi, head of the Medical Equipment Loan Program, pointed out to me that a recent item in this column omitted an important part of the article he wrote. To show the extent of the program, here is a list of the equipment on loan and in use by Oak Run residents as of Nov. 20, 2008:

  • Bingo is a good call for fun

    Welcome 2009. Let’s hope this year is a happy, healthy and prosperous one for all.

    Spruce Creek North’s dinner dance was a big success. Our hats are off to Norm and Marge Simard, and Cindy Hutchins and her Social Committee plus an ambitious group of volunteers helping with the cooking, serving, and many other jobs. Everyone seemed to enjoy a gala evening.

    Too early to report on the New Years’ Eve party and dance. There is a Valentines’ Day Dance planned for Feb. 21. More information as it comes in.

    Bingo Bunch

  • Blood drive in Candler and Indigo

    We choose our lives through awareness and change our lives by becoming aware of what isn’t working for us. Bad habits are the ones that die the hardest. We can change our lives by becoming more aware of how they are triggered.

    Each day for a week we can focus on just one. Each week we can decide to deal with another. Through awareness of how we react at those times, we can change our pattern of reacting.

  • Jump on the 'big red bus' this week

    Our next blood drive will be Wednesday, Jan. 7, from noon to 5 p.m. and Thursday, Jan. 8, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Everyone who donated at Oak Run in November will be eligible on either date.

    In total we collected only 76 pints of life-saving blood in November. That’s about half of what we collected just a couple of years ago. Surely more Oak Runners are eligible and could find the time to help save up to three lives with one donation.

    Ambassadors’ Ball

  • Ballroom dance classes start anew

    Some of us started our New Year with a birthday. There are many who start with the Jewish New Year. The majority started yesterday.

    Whenever our New Year began, we all have the same problems with setting up goals. Many of us are good at figuring out what we hope to accomplish.

    We find it difficult to stick to our goals for as long as it takes to reach them. We all start with the best of intentions but somehow get sidetracked along the way.