• Learning to accept and understand people

    Many people consider the poor as lazy or stupid. If they worked harder, they’d be able to rise above their mean lives, some think. This may be true for a minority, but the majority are not in this category. Other things go into the equation.

    Susan Boyle comes to mind as a good example. Here’s a woman with a fine voice. Most would expect her to be very successful in her career. From news reports, it’s quite noticeable that she’s fragile emotionally. Some, as probably Ms. Boyle, need a quiet environment with as little pressure as possible.

  • The rain didn't dampen Memorial Day services

    Just down the road apiece Preservist Frank Thomas, Commander, Spruce Creek Preserve Military Club, submitted the following for inclusion in this week’s Preserve column:

    Memorial Day 2009

    The Memorial Day Celebration here at Spruce Creek Preserve turned out to be another successful day. We have had tons of rain and we were skeptical of having a sunny day to fulfill a day of remembrance. It turned out to be a wonderful day for all to enjoy — a day to celebrate our servicemen and

    -women on Memorial Day.

  • Baby Boomers benefit dance features Dedbeatz

    The Oak Run Baby Boomers are sponsoring a dance to benefit a local food bank. Admission is (at least) one can of food. Come to the Palm Grove Club on Saturday, June 20, from 7 to 11 p.m. There will be live old time rock and country music by "The Dedbeatz." BYOB and munchies.

    Showcase of the Stars

    The Showcase’s June evening of musical entertainment will be on Saturday, June 13, at 7 p.m. at the Palm Grove Club. Come hear talented fellow Oak Runners perform for your pleasure. As always, there is no admission charge.

    Fourth of July Celebration

  • Democratic Club will work on activity plan

    The Cherrywood Democratic Club will have its next meeting on Friday, June 19, at 2 p.m. in the clubhouse cardroom.

    Refreshments will be served.

  • Some people are choosing ‘staycations’ or ‘nocations’

    There are vacations that workers and retirees took on a regular basis. Now, with the economy, ‘staycations’ came into fashion for some. The car/airplane expenses and the hotel/motel ones are gone. Instead, home is the base. Activities are scheduled in the area or not too far from home.

    As the economy worsens, ‘nocations’ are becoming popular. Some workers can’t afford to take any time off. They just want to keep getting paid, especially now when many companies are reducing salaries in place of giving raises.

  • Be prepared, the July craft show is next month

    The Christmas in July Craft Show will be Saturday, July 11, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cherrywood crafters participating this year are: Dorothy Pickett, silk flowers; Jackie and Larry George, nylon mesh flowers; Edna Fazio and Aprile Guglielmi, jewelry; Stevie Pickrell, sewing, knitted and crocheted items; Barbara Buehler, painted gourds; Nestor Garcia, jewelry and Lorraine Garcia, baskets.

  • Traveling can be substantially cheaper

    We’re fortunate to have a group of volunteers who enable Marion Landing residents to travel economically. I recall a fellow traveler we shared on one trip abroad who had priced out the same itinerary, hotels, meals and transportation with a travel agent. He claimed it would have cost almost 2 1/2-times more than we paid through our Travel Committee’s efforts.

  • An update on that tapping bluebird Crash

    Just down the road apiece our good friend and next-door neighbor, Charlotte DuChossois, submitted the following update on Crash, the bluebird, for those who may be slightly curious.

    It’s been five to six weeks since he first tapped his beak on our window. He is very persistent and continues to visit us every day, throughout the entire day. I now believe he considers himself our extended family.

  • Favorite photos will be judged, displayed

    The June 8 meeting will be at 7 p.m. in the Orchid Club. Following a brief business meeting, the election of 2009-10 board members will be included. Nominations will be accepted from the floor prior to voting. Submitted entries for the Year-End Photo Competition will be shown and awards presented. Members will also be able to vote for their favorite photo for a special People’s Choice Award. As an added bonus this year, all submitted entries will be on display at the Oak Run Donut Drop-In on June 13 (8 to 10 a.m. in the Orchid Club).

  • Taking a glimpse of the Bingo Kitchen Kuties

    Memorial Day is over and the days seem to be flying by so fast. I hope your Memorial Day was a safe and happy one.

    The featured group in this column is the Bingo Kitchen Kuties. They are a wonderful bunch of gals who come to the Clubhouse every Tuesday night to either work in the kitchen or to play bingo or both!