• Locals were active over the weekend

    Local residents were busy over the weekend with a variety of activities.

    Some of the people in Marion County came out for the Ocala Lions Club flea market along State Route 200.

    In the photo below, residents decorated mailboxes in Oak Run Saturday for the letter carrier food drive.

    In the bottom left photo is the winner of the Oak Run Golf Cart Rodeo.

  • A Life Altering Discovery: Mothers Are Not Fathers

    Celebrating another “Mother’s Day,” gave opportunity to reflect on the influence and importance of mothers in our society today. I think for the most part mothers get a bad rap these days, or at least they don’t get the kind of appreciation they truly deserve, and they sure don’t get the pay-package they earn. Of course, if they did nobody could afford a mother.

  • 'Life of the Party' ­just doesn't work

    For those of you who think I spent too much time last week whining about “Overboard” not being funny, just a heads up that “Life of the Party” this week is going to be more of the same. It’s no surprise that neither movie is any good, their studios sent them out to die against “Avengers: Infinity War”.

    Both comedy bombs lucked out because that movie got moved up a week at the last minute, so they got to open on weekends when people had already seen the superior blockbuster.

  • Kentucky Derby Day at Cherrywood

    Derby Day at Cherrywood was nothing less than fantastic with a terrific hat competition, exciting racing, great contests and the biggest turn out ever for this gala event. Over sixty residents showed up for the fun of Derby Day and there were about twenty entries in the hat contest. Mint Juleps flowed, and laughter abounded as everyone socialized, talked about the race or the hats or just chatted with one another.

  • Freeman knocks another one out of the park

    Title: ALTER EGO

    Author: By Brian Freeman

    During a frigid Duluth winter, a movie crew arrives to film a serial killer case involving three young women starved to death in a cage. Police lieutenant Jonathan Stride recalls rescuing the last living victim: “He remembered dragging Lori Fulkerson from the cage, her muscles atrophied, her hair dirty and brittle, her lips desiccated. 

  • OTOW Lions Club news

    The On Top of the World Lions Club is happy to announce we are growing in members.

    At our May 8th meeting we inducted two new members to our club Stan and Sheila Cohen along with our new branch club members, Ameris Bonnie Heath Lions Club Branch.

    Members included Veronica Ryan, Chelsea Nowatka, Avery Crump, Danielle Bless and Michael Carnevale. We are very excited at having all our new members. We are looking forward to having these new lions working with us helping those less fortunate.

  • Wood ducks slowly returning to area

    The Marion County Audubon Society results from the May 12 birdwalk at Tuscawilla Park led by Josie Muncy revealed 21 species in the 53-minute tour that covered .89 miles.

    MCAS President John Schaefer said it was interesting to note the increase in the number of wood ducks, which were absent the first part of the winter following hurricane Irma, and gradually returned in increased numbers.

    Wood ducks are exceptionally beautiful looking birds.

    10 Black-bellied Whistling-Duck

    10 Muscovy Duck (Established Feral) 21 Wood Duck

  • Cherrywood news 12-01-2017

    By John Everlove

  • Oak Run news 12-01-2017

    By Laura Smth

  • Spruce Creek North 12-01-2017

    By Patricia Bonay
    Christmas Time is here again and its time to share your favorite Christmas cookies. Spruce Creek North annual “cookie swap” will take place, Sunday Dec. 10 beginning at 2 pm. at the Clubhouse.
    How does this work? You bring a dozen or so of your favorite homemade  Christmas cookies and then take home a dozen or so of your neighbors homemade cookies.  It has been proven to be quite fun, sharing family traditional Christmas cookie recipes.