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  • There are three things you need to keep in mind before you begin walking your dog. First is that all dogs (large or small) need to walk.

    Wild canines are walker/travelers. Running around the yard, house, or even the dog park does not satisfy their instinctive need to walk.

    Second you must recognize that a dog is not human and does not have human feelings. The proper walking techniques that I mention below are not mean; they actually make the dog more secure and stable.

  • “Mister we can use a man like Herbert Hoover again,” shrieks Edith Bunker as she sings about the good old days on the television show All in the Family. Of course, historians will know that Herbert Hoover presided over this country during the early days of the Great Depression. His strong belief that government aid would breed a sense of dependence among the poor made him appear uncaring and ultimately led to his defeat in the 1932 election. Thus, the era of the “New Deal” began with Franklin D.

  • In ancient Rome, Feb. 14 was a pagan holiday in honor of Juno, the goddess of women and marriage, and the queen of the Roman gods and goddesses. Later it became a holiday named after a priest.

    According to church tradition, St. Valentine was a priest near Rome about the year 270 A.D.

    While historical details of Valentine’s Day are unclear, we do know that across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of Saint Valentine.

  • In his latest novel, John Grisham seems intent upon reincarnating Mitch McDeere from his breakout legal thriller The Firm. In fact, there are so many similarities between the two thrillers we might sniff plagiarism if both works weren’t by the same writer.

    Like Mitch, Kyle McAvoy is idealistic, bright, and a luminary of his law school (Yale here instead of Harvard.) And like Mitch he falls into a trap set by some baddies who this time are tied to defense contractors, not the Mob.

  • When Legacy House volunteer Jennie Halvorsen heard that quilts were needed at the home she knew just where to go. She went back to her church, Joy Lutheran, and asked the women of the Joyful Hands quilting group if they would be interested in donating quilts to people here at home before they make their annual worldwide contribution. Her request was met with an enthusiastic response for the opportunity to share their works of love with a local group in need. As a result, 16 quilts for 16 beds were donated.

  • Hit the trail to

    benefit Hospice

  • I was told these stories that I want to share with you all about the remote keyless entry buttons common on most new cars. They broadcast a signal that can be intercepted and captured by today’s geeky criminals.

    As the first story goes, the man says he locked his car with the remote. As he walked away he heard his door unlock. He went back and locked the car three different times; then he looked around and saw two guys sitting in a nearby car. When he looked directly at the men the car did not unlock again.

  • The On Top of the World Lions are getting ready to have their annual dinner dance, “Dine and Dance with the Lions,” on Saturday Feb. 28, at the Holiday Inn and Suites, behind the Cracker Barrel off I-75 and S.R. 200. Cost is $25 per person.

    Dress to impress, the Sugarbear band will provide  great dance music. For tickets and dinner selections, call 352-489-1051, credit cards will be accepted.

    All proceeds from this benefit will go to the On Top of the World charities. So put on your dancing shoes and have a great evening.

  • In the wake of turbulence in the financial markets, many people are reviewing the legal protections available for assets held by banks, credit unions, and securities dealers. Here are some of the protections available.

    Bank deposit accounts: Generally, deposit accounts at banks insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) are insured up to $100,000 per depositor per bank. FDIC covers checking, NOW, and savings accounts; money market deposit accounts; and time deposits, such as certificates of deposit (CDs).

  • I must veer once more just a moment to Micanopy. For some reason, the name honors Mikanope, the chief of chiefs who led his Seminole warriors in what is called the Dade Massacre of 1835.