You’re not going gently into that good night, boys!

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By Wendy Binnie

­There are those who are embittered still by what happened to Al Gore during the aftermath of the 2000 election and the unwarranted interference by SCOTUS.

There are others who aren’t too pleased with Mr. Blackwell of Ohio — they seem to feel that the mess we see stretching so far ahead that it fades from view, started in 2000 and worsened in 2004.

They are looking for justice and this need will never reach closure until the Department of Justice calls for a bevy of prosecutors to do the right thing and bring those responsible for that which has befallen our country and Constitution to pay for their crimes against America, Americans and the World.

This is worse than what’s happening in parts of Africa because everyone knew what was happening and we let it happen. In France, they parade through the streets if there is an issue with government policy. Last week nearly two million people protested the failure of France to do something meaningful about getting people back to work. 

And they will boycott and bring the strength of the people down on government, if government doesn’t get the picture.

In England and Canada, if they don’t like the government in power—if it is truly non-representative (as was the Bush cabal) they dump them with a vote of ‘no confidence’ but before that, the opposition beats them to a pulp in public.

Today, we are all burdened with the guilt of Bush.

We know what he did but we are ignoring it. Until now, he and his cohorts have been given a free ride.

The Democrats say nothing.

The Republicans say nothing.

Media says nothing.

Oddly, the ex-veep who referred to himself as Darth Vader was busily making the rounds doing his best to encourage an attack from our enemies and attacking the new president who has been in office barely two months. This is the same Darkman who was rarely seen for eight years during his Machiavellian tenure. Doesn’t anyone have the guts to tell him to shut up and go away?

Bush goes home to his new estate in Texas to write a book and collects a huge honorarium to talk about his great accomplishments. 

Rumsfeld and Cheney, fish and go boating in the waters off the Chesapeake, ironically only a half hour from where the bodies still keep coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

What does this mean?

It seems to many that they have earned an Annie Oakley. There is a statute of limitations on (even) torture. There’s something similar in these attitudes which force one to realize the A. I.G. rascals are not like you and me (apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald.) They really think they are worth these obscene amounts of money and lavish lifestyles. Someone should whisper in their collective ears that the graveyards are full of indispensable people. Who runs America? The more we watch, the more we listen, we come to the realization that it is the Oligarchs, those with inside power who control the industries that control what happens in America. And the lesson that we derive from the TARP is that we have helped not only bail them out, we have rewarded them for their profligate ways.

Again, just after being handed another $350 billion by the taxpayers, they are up to their old games.  Just the other day, one of the privileged few was reportedly talking to his number two, advising him that if their staff reach targets they are to receive “awards”—which is the new code for bonuses. In short, nothing has changed. It’s business as usual. Rewards for failing in your job? Instead of teaching them the benefits of merit and redemption, we have fed their hunger for more of the same. We have failed, as a people and a governmen, to effectuate needed change.

And that is understandable when those who make those decisions are so intimately bound with these absolute power brokers.

Collectively, banks and allied businesses gave $46 million and $136 million respectively to fill the coffers of politicians. Until we find the courage to replace all of these bankers, their cohorts and the takers, we will be spinning our wheels and protracting the recovery of our economy like some distant third world nation with no assets and no resources.

But we need the collective will to make it happen. The solution, according to one educator, is to empower FDIC to re-privatize the lead banks, break up the assets, reduce company size, and go to the private sector for new leadership. It is an idea worth thinking about. Beyond that, a revisit to antitrust and other legislation that broke up the conglomerates 100 years ago would be very timely about now. Nothing else is likely to work. While the president is working on other important matters, why shouldn’t the Justice Department move forward with its own inquiries? Some in Congress have already proposed and recommended inquiries. To date, Turdblossom Rove has attempted and succeeded in keeping a low profile. And Bush and Company has cited “executive privilege” that when first cited under Nixon, was used to protect government secrets; not underlings or the president himself against charges of misconduct or treason. The Democrats need to toughen up and get on with it. And even though we are attempting to recover from the worst economy in memory, we will be applauded around the world for our attempt to bring justice back to America.

Our world has grown smaller and today when you travel, everyone everywhere is informed as to what’s going on. As of now, without justice taking place, we must all bear the collective guilt of the Bush administration, and wishing it away, is stupid. It seems we are between the rock and an extremely hard place. On the one hand, pursuing the egregious crimes of the Bush administration requires an electorate that is informed and has a taste for justice. On the other hand, one is not quite sure that America has an appetite for the task ahead. It is bad enough to contemplate the fact that while they know the scores of their sports teams, the average American knows little about what transpires in Washington, D.C. Nonetheless, there are those who feel that despite the failure to grasp the dilemma, the high level of disinterest, if we do not pursue an equitable path that lays out these problems and there is a public discourse, democracy as an honest alternative to what is out there will be bankrupt for all time. And many will feel that the circle has never closed; that we, by default, bear the burden of a once dishonest government and all that it connotes.

As I was saying …

Wendy England Binnie a novelist and op/ed columnist lives in Oak Trace Villas.