You be the judge

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

President Obama just tried to sell the new tax package using this proviso.

A reduction in the tax rate deducted from workers paychecks. It will allow workers to keep about $1,000 per year of their own wages.

Wow! Oh, boy. Yippee, Hip, hip, hooray! Dance a dance of joy. Workers are allowed by our generous government to keep their own wages. What a magnanimous gesture.

What is wrong with this picture? Is there some kind of disconnect between taxpayers, voters, citizens, and bureaucrats?

In the very next TV bite comes a story about the billions to be spent on foolish, wasteful programs. Like the $71,633 to be spent studying monkeys getting high on cocaine.

Cannot wait to read the results of that study. Bet the sequel will be even better, and more expensive.

We elected new people, but we still have the same old system. They just “do not get it.”

What is our next move? How do we get through to these people? Business as usual is not acceptable. We want over-reaching agencies torn out by the roots, and discarded.

We want laws that have diminished our freedom rescinded. We do not need new laws.

Congress seems to think its job is to pass new laws, and taxes all the time. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Free people need minimal government. Government that reigns in criminals, not law abiding citizens.

Who are today’s criminals? Terrorists or children, and Grannies? See you on the scanner, in all your naked glory. Wishing Dolly, and Hulk bodies for all of you. Want to look nice for the scanner, don’t you? Thank the lord all mine is sagging. Chances are pretty good I will be by-passed. Who ever dreamed wrinkles could become an asset? Thank you lord!

Do we need a government makeover? You be the judge!

D. I. Larson