Yes to Amendment 4. No to lies!

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Letter to the editor by John Dunn

By The Staff

Yes to Amendment 4. No to lies!

At last, there’s something the Tea Party, progressives, and others can agree on. It’s a first step in restoring democracy to this state. It’s called Amendment Four (A4).

But Florida’s Big Sprawl Industry wants us to think otherwise. Why not? They now control state and local government. Why would they want to surrender power to—of all people—regular citizens?

And why would they tell the truth about A4? Contrary what they claim, A4 wasn’t begun by politicians and hippies. The truth is that middle class Republicans, Democrats, and Independents worked together for six years to get the 650,000 names necessary to put the issue on the upcoming ballot. If passed, A4 will allow voters to approve, or veto, the actions of local politicians that helped wreck our economy.

With A4 in place there won’t be an onslaught of land use changes, because commissioners won’t be able to give them away like candy, as they do now.

Despite the assertion of Florida’s unholy alliance of government and big business, A4 does NOT take away property rights. Vested property rights are protected. It has no impact on zoning. A4 affects only land-use changes — major designations that communities hammer so that their communities can grow in an orderly, affordable way. A4 kicks in only during the next scheduled election; no special elections are needed.

Amendment 4 will not stop construction. In fact, Florida’s current land use rules already allow for a potential build-out of homes for over 90 million people. A4 doesn’t affect these rules at all.

But it will provide a check on runaway development and restore business sanity and stability to the marketplace, and thus preserve jobs.

A4 didn’t create the recession with its 350,000 vacant homes in Florida now rotting and driving down our property values. Big Sprawl did this. And now they have the nerve to claim that A4—the solution to the mess they’ve created—will cost too much? Hypothetical economic-cost models dreamed up by A4’s opposition are nothing but desperate attempts to hide the truth from the voting public.

Check the facts at http://www.floridahometowndemocracy.com.

John Dunn